Columbine High School Father 12 years later...

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by Sandman_NC, Apr 9, 2012.


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  2. Why would I backpedal? To think such a thing is your error, not mine.

  3. If we allow teachers to lead the class in prayer does the teacher get to decide which prayer? Yes. And of course if they can't do the job right, the school board can remove them. The school board would answer to the parents for the quality of their own administration.

    To which God? Can a wiccan teacher have the class participate in a ceremony to honor the Goddess? Personally I'd prayer to be Christian prayer. If that rubbed anyone else the wrong way, well they could go somewhere else... or organize a private school of their own. If the school board hired someone who turned out to be a pagan, etc., then they would need to fire them. Very cool.

    Does the Muslim teacher get to have his class bow to Mecca a few times a day? Same process as last question.

    Can the parents be required to supply a prayer rug? Christians don't normally need such things, so the answer is "No." If that did not suit those who saw things differently, fine. They can always establish their own private schools.
  4. Bruce, as a high school graduate of the class of 2009 and a Christian, I have to respectfully disagree. Not once during my school career did I ever feel repressed in my religious expression. People prayed at lunches, we had study groups and a Non Denominational worship group at school. The only time I saw these laws at work were when it came to teachers sharing their opinions without stating that it was their personal view first.

    Now, the Wiccans and Muslims and other non Christians I knew did not seem to have that freedom.

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  5. I apologize for presenting evidence against you.

    Real life, or Christian life?

    Thanks, I've been.

    Have you done so? As it happens, I work in a community college system, although not actually on a campus.

    Easily done, my son is there this very moment.

    Your claim in post 9: "Prayer is outlawed in public schools."

    Your claim in post 11: "The sc removed prayer from school."

    It looks like now you're saying "students can't pray whenever they want." Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding. Is it your opinion that some students should be allowed to interrupt the education of their fellow students any time they feel like?

    Is it your opinion the students who are at school to get an education should have their rights superseded by those who want to interrupt school for prayer?

    Which is it: restrict or prevent? They aren't the same thing. Should nothing be restricted, or just the stuff you want? Are you equally outraged at, for example, the restriction on the rights of Muslims to pray in school?

  6. Because your earlier claim was shown to be in error.

    You first claimed ""Prayer is outlawed in public schools" and "The sc removed prayer from school." You then said "the right of students and faculty to pray in school is restricted."

    It isn't an error to point out that "restricted" isn't equivalent to "outlawed" or "removed."
  7. What prevents parents desiring a religious education for their children doing just that?

    It's "very cool" to violate the religious freedom of non-christians?

    It looks like you're saying Muslims don't have the same religious rights Christians do, is that correct?

    So can Christians.
  8. Your earlier claim was that prayer was outlawed. You have been demonstrated to be wrong, and now you shift your focus to prayer being restricted. You fail to present evidence to support your claim and instead argue about what you would expect in a hypothetical anecdotal scenario.

    Any chance that you'd care to present evidence supporting your earlier claim that prayer is outlawed?

  10. Evidence? Surely you jest! You must be under the mistaken impression that I care what you think or value your opinion. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  11. No worry, I wasn't actually expecting that you'd start supporting your false assertions with evidence at this point.

  12. You must grow up and learn to live with disappointment.
  13. Geko45

    Geko45 Smartass Pilot

    You need to grow up and learn that you aren't nearly as insightful as you think you are.
  14. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother Not Enough Gun

    You must find living in a heterogeneous society a difficult thing. By the same token, why should anyone care about your thoughts or opinions? At least ArtificialGrape manages to support his position with actual facts rather than childish petulance.
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  15. I'm sorry you think reality is "toxic paganism."

    It's true you have the right to believe whatever you'd like. You don't have the right to impose those beliefs on others or require others to accomodate your beliefs, though. Too bad.

    You mean while your "poison" is payed for with my tax dollars? That seems fair.

    Yeah, you know, that thing mentioned in the Constitution. You seem to be unaware.

    Unfortunately for you, it doesn't matter what I am, nor does it matter what anyone else is. EVERYBODY is protected, not just your favorite group.

    Nice dodge. I was almost completely unaware that you failed to address the question.

    I suspect you're lying about never having seen a Muslim, but that hardly matters, does it?

    Because that darned Constitution says so.

  16. Careful, you'll get a bruise bumping into reality that hard.
  17. You obviously have experience walking around in the dark. If I were to emulate you, I'd have cause to be concerned. But since I walk in the light, I have no problem recognizing reality... or changing it when it suits me.
  18. Not disappointed at all -- you have met my precise expectations for this conversation.

    Sorry to distract you from evangelizing that gays should be despised and rejected. Carry on. :wavey:

  19. Japle

    Japle John, Viera, Fl

    Oh, good! He thinks he can change reality!

    (Get the net!!)
  20. Of course I do; darkness is part of reality. It gets dark in caves and at night, for example. I don't stop walking around just because it's dark.

    Well, I hope you never have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or anything.

    Since you have no problem recognizing reality, have you noticed that Christians aren't the only people in the USA?

    I'm curious what would precipitate you changing, given your disdain for evidence and rejection of points of view other than your own.

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