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Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by team9x19, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. team9x19

    team9x19 the bee's knees

    hey i've seen some threads for glockers floating around certain parts of missouri, but none for columbia..

    so, i present to you a thread if any viewers out here on GT are in columbia.
    i myself reside here, and wanted to see who else is on the 'band wagon' so to speak.

    would be great to get some guys together to go shoot and what not.. i plan on participating in all gssf events around here -- i love green valley, so if you're lurking, drop a line for the columbia, mo roll call!

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  3. g17frantz

    g17frantz Lovin' G17

    Hey from Columbia....just got my new 3rd Gen G17 last saturday. 300+rounds so it. Would love to go shoot sometime.

  4. team9x19

    team9x19 the bee's knees

    bumping this thread up, I've been away for a while, but good to see some people around. maybe we could get a group down to green valley some time?
  5. Green Valley Hallsville Range

    October 22nd, 2011

    Non Green Valley-Members $15====Green Valley Members $10

    All Matches: Registration 9:00 am all shooting starts at 10:00 am. Usually 5 stages and minimum 100 round count.
  6. I live in Sedalia, not to far away. about 30 minutes.
  7. Jefferson City here.
  8. St louis,mo here.
  9. 99z


    Kirksville, MO here. just got a 3rd gen g22 last month
    The Second Saturday* of each Month is Our Monthly Match Dates April - October
    APRIL 14—with Side Rifle COF
    MAY 12 -- with Side Rifle COF
    JUNE 16* -- with Side Rifle COF *third Saturday* because of YHEC event
    JULY 14 --- with Side Rifle COF
    AUGUST 11-- with Side Rifle COF
    SEPTEMBER 08-- with Side Rifle COF
    OCTOBER 13-- with Side Rifle COF
    Matches start at 12 noon-----
    Please come early and help set-up
    $10 Match Fee for USC members
    $10 Match Fee for non USC Members

    **Hearing and eye protection is mandatory**
    Open Division: for custom handguns with scopes, compensator ports, Raceguns
    Production Division: for box-stock double-action handguns (SIGs, Glocks,etc.);
    Limited Division: for high-capacity handguns without comps or scopes;
    Limited-10 Division: for Limited handguns loaded with a maximum of 10 rounds;
    Revolver Division: for six shot revolvers
    Single Stack Division: for single stack 1911 type handguns
    COME ON OUT TO THE RANGE. Give it a try. Introduce a friend to USPSA
    NEW SHOOTERS ARE ALWAYS MORE THAN WELCOME!! We will have an experienced shooter help you on your first match..
    A typical pistol match in Jefferson City consists of four courses of fire requiring about 100 rounds to complete. Equal scoring emphasis is placed on speed and accuracy. These are shoot and move, RUN and GUN events.
    RIFLE COURSES USUALLY Take AROUND 30 rounds to complete.
    SHOTGUN COFs usually approximately 15 rounds oobuck/powerful birdshot
    (always bring more—just incase you miss)
    When are the matches held? =USPSA/IPSC matches in Jefferson City are held on the second Saturday* of each month, April through November.
    Registration and shooting begins at 12 noon.

    ***** NO SIGN-UP AFTER 1:00PM*****

    **BAD WEATHER---The Range Chairman/Match Set-up Crew will make the final decision to CANCEL or SHOOT at 8:30am on Match Day if weather looks threatening. If the weather looks BAD in the Central Missouri Area on match day, please Call 573-645-5310between 8:30- 9:00am on MATCH DAY to ascertain if the match has been called off
    Where can I find more information?
    Jeff City USC Web Site:

    Informal Practice Matches: Every THURSDAY EVENING 5:00PM during daylight savings time. (April – October 2012) We usually pass around the hat and everyone pitches in a couple of dollars to help pay for targets and pasters.
  11. I see some folks here from COMO and thereabouts who shoot at Green Valley. There is an IDPA match Saturday... Sign ups at 9 am. Thought I would see who was going to be there?
  12. I'm new to the area. Does anyone have experience with the Rocky Fork Lakes CA range? I am looking for a good outdoor range that allows rifles, handguns, and might even have a clay thrower.
  13. attrapereves - If you are talking about the public range just a few miles north of Columbia, MO. They have several ranges there. There is a place to throw your own skeet / clays.
    Personally, I avoid the place like the plague. Too many Saturday cowboys that are about half nuts.
    Green Valley has numerous pistol ranges, a nice rifle range, (250 yards) and is home to the Bianchi Cup. Very nice. There is a club in Jeff City that is nice as well, but I don't know what other amenities they have.
  14. Yeah, that's the problem with free ranges; they seem to invite unsafe folks. How is the range during the week in the morning?

    I might give it a try and if it's bad, I'll make a trip to Green Valley. I'm slightly hesitant to join a pay range because I only seem to go about once a month, sometimes less than that.

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