Colt XSE Vs. SA Loaded

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by JGguns, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. I'd pick the Colt OR the Colt!

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  2. The latest Colts are an improved product over some from the past. I recently opted for an XSE model, and I have been quite impressed with the fit (no slide slop, no barrel hood movement) and with a nicely fit genuine beaver-tail grip safety to boot.

    Colt Combat Elite

  3. I have two Colts. They always go bang. I would stay away from the Kimber External Extractor. Because, they are hard to sell.
  4. Or an improvement.:supergrin:
  5. [​IMG]

    After an extensive, flawless range session a couple of years ago, on my hip as I type with no hiccups.

    Bob :cowboy:
  6. at last, i have owned kimbers with ee, never had a attention to the above post....SOLD 2 KIMBERS WTH EE NO PROBLEM, NO LOSS OF BUCKS.
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  7. Thanks for that info. I've got the XSE in blue and love it. I don't know how many rounds I've put through it but it's a lot, and same story. Absolutely flawless in function. I want to get a compact now. I'd like to get a commander but I really want a 4" gun.
  8. This post I think shoud be made a sticky. I think there are lot Colt freaks out there that want to know what's made of what in their guns.
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    Buy the Colt.

    It's a better pistol than the Springfield and a much better pistol than the Kimber. The Colt is tough, reliable and accurate. I'm still shooting a 1911 that my grandfather brought back from World War II. The Colt will retain it's value better than the other two guns as well. Only the uninformed buy an external extractor Kimber.

    Also, if you ever want to build up a custom pistol the Colt is a better base platform. The XSE already has a frame that has a trigger guard undercut for a high grip, an ambi-safety and front cocking serrations.
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    The loaded comes with hundreds of dollars of mods over a base 1911. It's great, but if going to build all the way, it's cheaper overall to start with a base gun. Look at what you intend to do. Depending upon your needs or wants, it might be better to procure a Loaded, or better to get a base 1911 and start from there.
  11. I'd take the Colt. They are good guns. [​IMG]

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