Colt "Wiley Clapp" LW Commander?

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  1. I like it but being a Southpaw I need the ambi-safety (I know some Supermen Southpaws don't ;)) and could do without the front serrations but that's not a deal killer for me...and, itza long as they tamed (and I bet at least Talo has) Ginsu sharp edges...

  2. Its a great looking pistol and IMO, is what an XSE commander should be out of the box. The price is a little steep for me.
  3. Thanks, I'm R/H, so no problem there. I spoke to one distributor, Ozark Guns, who said the cocking serrations are recessed from the rest of the slide and not bad. I found a possible deal for under $1200 shipped. Lets see.
  4. I honestly like the pistol. It sounds like a great gun.
  5. That's a good looking gun.

  6. It is a beautiful pistol. The price? A little steep, in my opinion, but not outrageous.
  7. I like Colts a lot, but that there is a rip-off. Too many profit taking middlemen in this picture.
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    I just hate the frontcockers on it.
  9. There's no other options from Colt for a 70 series commander is there?
  10. I'll withhold any comments about the gun and go straight to Wiley Clapp. Long before the internet came along, I used to buy up every issue of Petersons Handguns and G&A along with a few others, for no other reason to read articles from guys like Wiley Clapp and Ross Seyfried. Clapp has always been on the handgun side and without question, he's one of, if not THE most knowledgable(and humble) sources you could ever hope to find. Nothing but respect and admiration for the guy.
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    I think Chuck just linked the wrong thread.
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    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Correct. Minus the FCS of course

  13. Not sure about the Gun , but I steer clear of anything know as Wiley Clapp.

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself. WTF was his parents thinking?
  14. Same here, that the one thing I could do without, but not a deal breaker for the right price. I won't go over $1200 OTD NIB for this gun though.
  15. Well I found an online dealer with a used/as new Wiley Clapp edition. States only 7 rds were fired and he has a 3 day inspection policy. He was asking $1099 and would throw in shipping for free. Best price I can find for a NIB one is $1200 plus shipping. One psycho dealer was asking $1449. The gun retails for $1389. I offered $1075 with shipping and waiting for his reponse. I'm very limited with funds now since the CQB will be coming in a couple of weeks. If he doesn't bite, I will just hold out for a Ed Brown Carry or GC No Name commander until next year. Here's a pic of the actual gun.
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  16. I hope you get it...I'll wait to read the thread on how sweet it is...:patriot:
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