Colt SBR Question

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by 20SFLV, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I am looking into the Colt LE 6933 and the Colt LE 6945 SBR. Anyone ever shoot either, and which one is recommended?

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  2. mad.gunsmith

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    not the colt but the SBR are fun but they are louder and kick more

  3. They are VERY loud....
  4. Colt SBRs tend to have larger gas ports than other companies if I remember correctly, especially LMT. It's not that big of a deal, until you add a suppressor - then you can start running into problems cause by being VERY over-gassed. I have a 10.5" LMT upper on my Form 1'd SBR lower, and it's been fantastic.
  5. I've got some time on an 11.5" Colt and a 12" PWS. Both shot great, though I would give the edge to the PWS. Recoil was a little smoother, and it works with a little wider selection of ammo and mags.
  6. One of the Colt's I am look at is 11.5" while the other is 10.5".
  7. When I was looking for a Colt 6933 they were around $1400-$1500 if you could find one, so instead I bought a stag SBR for about $400 less which supposedly have near identical specs. (1/7,HP/MP bolt, etc.)

    Now that I've been seeing 6933s more available and cheaper, and since dealing with stag to make their gun run properly was a nightmare, I may get one soon.

    I like that the 6945 is just a little shorter and that it has a folding front sight, but I'm not crazy about the idea of a proprietary one piece upper receiver.

    Which ever one you get you can always get another upper for it and you'll have the same Colt lower receiver.
  8. That is true. I have seen plenty of SBR upper receivers available. I might go with he 6933, but I figure if I am going to get a SBR, I might as well go as short as possible without hurting the performance of the rifle since it takes so long to get the ATF tax stamp.
  9. Javelin

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    6933 is a fun little gun. But if you want to really go short I'd recommend skipping 10.5" and go directly to 8" in 300BLK to preserve energy and take it to the extreme in short length.
  10. I want to stick with a 5.56 for now. I have that ammo, and don't need to start ordering 300BLK right now. I should be able to order a 300BLK upper when the time comes.

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