Colt LE6920 Gunbroker Price?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by umadcuzimstylin, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Wondering if anyone knew the price of a Colt le6920 on Gunbroker before things got crazy? Im hoping prices get back to that in the next month. Dont want to pay too much since they are dropping the ban.

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    Watch the local Wal-Marts. I've seen them in one of our local, 'Wally Worlds' for just over $1,100.00. (No sling, one low-cap magazine, stuff like that.)

  3. +1, Like you say, my store got 4 in the other day. 1-SIG, and 3 Colts, a LE6920, a socom, and a tan furniture one i believe was a 6920 that was 20 dollars less than the blk LE6920.:cool: But no ammo!
  4. Probably my best bet but I wanted one with a carry handle, those handles cost $125 not counting shipping. Does Academy get in Colts? The 2 Walmarts closest to me that carry guns arent that close and SUCK at getting AR's in while the Academys where good but just dont know if they carry Colt.
  5. If you prefer the carry handle, good luck.Since Colts putting out the new model now, you'll probably have to buy private party or gunbroker and pay more. Hope you find one at a good price.
  6. I don't think I've ever seen a Colt 5.56 in an Academy--Wyndhams, Bushmasters, Sigs pretty much it. Seems to be a WW deal when Colt lost some of the Army contract for the M4s. Got to keep the union drones working and voting Democrap.
  7. I bought a colt at Walmart last Saturday. No carry handle and all it came with was a 30 round mag. It was $1198 w/tax. Now if i can just find some ammo.
  8. I already have ammo, Colt mags and a Colt stock just no gun. Bought one on gunbroker but the guy was false advertising so I sent it back. He showed pictures of the one with the carry handle that comes with a sling, cleaning supplies, 2 Colt magazines and sent the (2013 config).
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  9. You had one! I don't know why you feel you have to have the handle, i think they both look good. So i guess you'll have to get the one you like the best. Like i said, Colt is putting out the 2013 now, so your going to have to find someone that has the older model. You'll find one, how much you pay, thats the ? Good-luck.
  10. I would not make a big deal about the handle. I never used the handle to carry them. I guess it makes my LE6920 look more like what I carried as a soldier.

    I doubt I would pay premium prices for any gun. This market will need to settle down before I would buy. I do not go for the frenzy and panic.

    Once the legal issues are resolved and the market gets back to something reasonable, I will care more.

    I keep a list of things I would buy if the price is right. If it does not get right, I just take my money somewhere else.

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