Colt Delta Elite vs. Glock 20

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by 4949shooter, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. I wouldn't mind a Delta Elite, but Id have to have some work done to it. I don't like the way it comes in stock form. Id need a short trigger, beavertail grip safety, different hammer, grips and sights. After all that Id have some serious money involved. Not to mention ammo. Glock 20 is a much more practical decision for me, but either would be a great choice.

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  2. WOW. I did not realize an agency can control what you carry when you are on YOUR time. I can understand when on their dime and time, but when you are in the woods hunting you should be allowed to carry anything you want.

    I do not own either of the specific guns you are asking about but do have 1911's and Glocks. Lets say after my trip in the Mississippi river a week ago where the canoe tipped and I ended up in the water I was glad I had my glock instead of my Kimber. I was not worried about the finish or functioning of the gun. I know if needed to Glock would fire and operate properly. I cannot say the same for the Kimber. It is picky enough when dry and oiled. With the silt and particles in the river who knows.

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  3. Yeah, my agency is on the militaristic side. Being paramilitary has its benefits, however off duty weapon selection isn't one of them.

    I am salivating over the Delta Elite, though I am starting to think the G20 will be more practical for my purposes. Who knows? Maybe I will end up with both.
  4. Now I understand. The one advantage of being restricted, if you will, to a weapon system they approve means you are accustomed to it and will be comfortable with it. More importantly there will be no issues if you are required to use your duty weapon after having carried and possibly used your personal weapon.

    The Delta is an awesome looking pistol.
    Nothing wrong with having both.
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    +1 :thumbsup:
  6. Exactly.

    And I think one of the issues concerning limitations on off duty carry is the schools the amorers attend.

    Thanks for all the responses.. :thumbsup:
  7. My DE has been reliable and I wouldn't think of letting it go. The G20 has long captivated my attention but I've resisted thus far (a Gen4 version may break that resistance).

    In your situation, I'd do what you are, analytically study them, ask for insight, sweat it out a while, then buy the one I most wanted in the first place. :supergrin:
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  8. Lol..:supergrin:
  9. I suppose it depends on what "Woods" your talking about. But here in Oregon I carry a Glock 20 with the 6 inch after market barrel & Double Tap Beartooth. Now if you want to look pretty and spend twice the money to be "cool" get the DE.
  10. With 15+1 of that on hand, that is one formidable sidearm.
  11. Darkangel, what are the specs on that DT beartooth load?
  12. faawrenchbndr

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    I do believe it was a 200gr hardcast Wide Flat Nose gas-checked bullet
    1300 fps , 750 ft/lbs
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    Great point, that's why I have a G20, but I eventually want to get a 1911 in 10mm. Either a DE with the kind of work you mentioned, or a Wilson TE.

  14. Sounds like a nice load. Would have to get an aftermarket barrel to fire that one out of the G20.
  15. faawrenchbndr

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    Yes, aftermarket barrel like a Bar-Sto would be outstansing.
    I do have a 1988 Delta,......the Double Taps shoot very well. :supergrin:


    Beartooth was a particular bulled Double Tap used for a while.
    They no longer use it, they are using the WFNGC now. Must be a hard cast made to their specs
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  16. I will throw in my .02, which may not even be worth that. I have had my G20 since somewhere around 1998. I have shot everything Black Talons to Blazers and every friend's "recipe" in between. the gun has never failed me with any 10mm load, and I lost track of round count around the 5-6k mark. I haven't shot it much since turning to the 1911, but part of the appeal to me at least was the fact that I could get conversion barrels for it and extend the platform to shoot both .357 sig and .40 sw. I also added an AA .22 conversion kit, and in a very small package, I have four calibers to play with. I will add that I haven't found a .40 round yet that is very reliable, but it reduces the cost of range sessions and I don't/wouldn't carry .40 in it anyway. no issues at all with the other two conversions. all that said, I love the 10mm and would love an STI 2011 one day. I don't think you can make a mistake either way, and I can't bring myself to recommend the G20 over the Delta - especially only having real experience on one side of the argument.

    good luck. post pics!
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    Good post. I haven't tried any conversion barrels in my G20 yet. I've been threatening to get a 9x25 Dillon barrel for it for years. :cool: I have quite a bit of experience with the Delta Elite. My buddy had a Stainless Gold Cup Match Delta Elite, and it jammed on alot of different rounds. I'm sure it could've been made to be better, with a good smiff's work, but it wasn't as reliable as my G20 by ANY stretch. That being said, I'm still gonna get a 1911 in 10mm and maybe even a Delta Elite, someday in the future. :cool:
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    I only have experience with Glock 20SF. Never had aby problems and it likes the hot rounds. If I need it I like the 15 rounds available and another 15 in an extra mag.
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  20. What kind of inherent accuracy can be expected with both pistols? Would the Colt and the Glock be considered equals accuracy wise?

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