Colt Delta Elite vs. Glock 20

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by 4949shooter, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. fnfalman

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    That sucks. I guess you're stuck with those two then.

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  2. fnfalman

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    Aftermarket grips work great with the Delta Elite.

    Yep. If it's that cold then your bare hands wouldn't feel squat between the steel and the plastic. Better be wearing gloves. If it's only midly cold and if you have to take your weapon out for action, then the adrenaline will make sure that your hands and your whole body feel nice & warm.

    I can't imagine a cop whose duty would bring him out into the woods, crawling in mud and such enough to jam up a handgun. If that's the case, then better bring a long arm as the primary weapon and put the handgun in a chest harness to keep it out of the elements or something.

  3. Those are both good guns. Personally I like the Delta better. I think it would come down to which fit your hand better, or which you shot better.

  4. Whose theory?

    I think a Glock may be more durable, as in it'll go for more rounds before a catastrophic failure, but if a 1911 is in good working order, it stands up to the elements quite well.
  5. I didn't quote a specifc theory. You can refer to it as the theory of tolerances in adverse conditions if you like. The theory and $6 will get you an iced frappucino at Starbucks.

    As far as a 1911 standing up to the elements we agree. :dunno:
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  6. Iced frappucino... Never had one but I bet it would be good with some bourbon it! And if that was the case, I'll take the 1911.
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  7. Dunno, never have the flask with me when I hit up Starbucks.
  8. I have a G29SF and 2 Deltas. The trigger and the grip are so different it would be hard to compare. But for reliable operation no matter how bad the conditions, the Glock may be slightly better because of its' tough durable finish. I don' think capacity is that big of an issue considering you're not dealing with 2 legged critters. If you need more than 9 rounds, you're in deep doo doo in any event. Go with the one that you shoot better. If it's a tie, your call.
  9. agtman

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    Both are nice guns, but each is a totally different approach to handling the dynamics of the 10mm cartridge.

    Glock 20.

    Custom Delta (courtesty of Vic Tibbets).

    They are what they are, and we should enjoy them for that reason ...

    Colt DE (stock), circa 2009.

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  10. glock2740

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    Best looking Delta Elite I've ever seen. :thumbsup: Was that built by Vic when he was out on his own, before going back to Wilson? Looks like his handiwork, especially that deep dish crown. GREAT looking gun. :cool: Got anyother pics you can post of it?
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  11. So what you are telling us is you can't carry any gun that you want when on you're own time. Man you are kidding right? So you go deer hunting and they are you're only choices. If that is true that must suck.
  12. I think it depends on each agencies policy. A friend who works for a local PD can carry his choice after he qualifies with it. As far as I know, he has to use issued ammunition when he carries off duty.
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  13. agtman

    agtman 10mm Spartiate

    Thank you!

    Yes, this one was one of the last 1911s Vic worked on, as I understand the chronology, before he returned to Wilson. Not only that deep-dish crown, but the "scallops" on the slide near the muzzle are also Tibbets' trademarks.

    Besides being a very talented pistolsmith, Vic's a really nice guy ...
    This might help, along with the pics here:


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  14. Unfortunately this is the way it is in my agency.
  15. agtman, Vic Tibbets does some nice work. Why does he scallop the front of the slides? Aesthetic appeal or for improved holstering?
  16. That's true Mr. G., every agency is different. It was only about ten years ago that we were allowed to carry semi automatics off duty (not including our duty weapon). We could only carry .38/.357 snubbies prior.
  17. agtman

    agtman 10mm Spartiate

    Mostly for creating a unique, rakish look (aesthetics) - but functionally the scallops are sufficiently deep that you could do a "press check," if needed.

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  18. yup. perfect scenario for that firearm.

    you're regulated off duty? man, that's messed up.
  19. nj....

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