Colt Ar-15

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Ryan-17, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Thanks!!!

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  2. Cole125

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    You mentioned your in California, you can order a magazine rebuild kit from and if you ever go out of state you can put it together and have a 30 round magazine to shoot with.

    Do not, I repeat do not, put a rebuild kit together in California, you will be committing a Felony and it is not worth it.

    Also you can get a 30 or 20 round P mag that is blocked to only hold 10 rounds for use in California.

  3. Ryan-17 check out They are out of Fountain Valley and ship to your door in like 48 hours. Great company, i get all my Pmags from them. I have also had great results with the Stag 10/30 round mags. I just ordered some Pmags from them 2 minutes ago.
  4. These folks are good as well.

  5. Thanks!!!!
  6. Nalapombu

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    Anyone know if Wally has layaway on firearms? I know they got rid of it a couple years ago, but wondering if they still have some form of it for higher priced items like firearms, tv's, computers, and such.

    If they do I am gonna have to get that 6920. That would allow me to keep my Colt Lightweight Sporter and not sell it to buy a new one....definitely a GOOD THING.

    I doubt it's available though.

  7. Not sure how to put (Update) in the title but here is an update:
    The Ar-15 I am getting is a Colt SP6920, I held her in my hands today and in 10 short days she will be all mine!!!!!!!

    can't wait!!!!!!
  8. TedG

    TedG Infidel USA

    Great choice. Enjoy it. :wavey:
  9. Thanks!!!!

    I will add pictures when I bring her home!!!!
  10. By the way... 9 days and counting!!!!

    and it just so happens in 9 days it will be my 26th birthday!!!!!!!!
  11. Usually the 10 day wait thing goes by pretty quick for me, but last month when I got my Arsenal SGL-21 AK...............that was the longest wait.
  12. michael_b

    michael_b BRC #1492

    Rifle gears pmag prices are way high- like Bass Pro high.

    You can get PMAGS much, much cheaper.

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  13. I think he was suggesting them because they offer neutered California-legal 10 round magazines.
  14. TedG

    TedG Infidel USA

  15. Interesting info in there about Colt offering an M4A1 SOCOM II with the DD RIS II rail factory installed...
  16. I've got a Colt, a Bushmaster, and a Rock River. All three of them work great and I've not had a problems with any of them, but ... The Colt is the my special AR because of the name. Like the Colt ad says,"If it doesn't say Colt, then it is just a copy!"
  17. Yea thats why I decided to get a Colt for my first Ar-15.
  18. Snaps

    Snaps Hail 2 The King

    Won't buy a personal rifle unless it says colt on the side
  19. birda40

    birda40 Woody

    Mind me asking how much?

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