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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Ryan-17, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. went to the local gun shop today looking to make a down payment on a Colt Ar-15. The gun shop says they are sold out but he has one coming in next week other then that don't expect to see any till christmas due to the election year and 2012 preppers. so I put a down payment on the colt Ar-15 thats coming in next week, sight unseen. I made sure that if for some reason it's not what I want I don't have to buy it I can put the money towards something else in the store. the guy said it was a Colt but couldn't give me a model number, I am hoping its a 6920!!!

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  3. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Can't go wrong with a Colt, any model.

    Congrats :cool:

  4. Thanks!!!

    Yea its my first Ar platform, I'm excited!!!!
  5. I agree you really can't go wrong. Congrats. :) Now start buying all of that other AR stuff that goes along with it :)
  6. yea I am going to start stocking up on ammo :supergrin:
  7. TedG

    TedG Infidel USA

    Good for you! Enjoy it.
  8. Javelin

    Javelin Got Glock?
    Silver Member

    Great rifle. Just don't become too die hard of a Colt guy ;)
  9. And mags :)

    Good stuff here
  10. Im getting me a Colt this weekend hopefully. I want mine before the election also. My buddy just got his Colt M4 last week and Im jealous.
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  11. I have waited, but I am considering getting a Colt M4 too. For me, it is the years of familiarity gained in the Army. My first experience with an M16 was not a great deal of fun for me and it took a while before I started to trust the weapon. I expect it will not see a much use as my handguns.

    I will not get into the fear buying. I only buy when the price is reasonable and I will not line up to beg to spend my money. There is something strange about Americans who would act as if they have already given up on having a voice in the political process.

    Out there in fly-over country...
  12. moishlashen

    moishlashen Senile Member

    0 might have one-thats where I got mine and it was a very smooth ship to my FFL type deal. Good price too.
  13. thanks, I will post pictures when I see her next week.
  14. My local cop shop has had over 500 on back order.
  15. What's wrong with this?
  16. jwhite75

    jwhite75 Gubmint Worker

    Check Walmart...seriously. My local has three in the case right now.

    And definitely go magpul mags they are awesome. My Colr HBAR M4 loves them.
  17. a brand new black rifle is a beautiful thing. ammo, mags and shoot the crap out of it. figure out if it needs any goodies, or keep it standard, but most of all enjoy!
  18. That's where I got mine. Works flawlessly!!! Pmags and ammo, that's what I'm mostly getting, and tearing up some paper. I'll scope it for Christmas maybe.

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  19. Congrats, you will have one of the best.
  20. Cole125

    Silver Member

    Get as much ammo as you can before the prices start to get unreasonable.

    Same with Magpul P mags, get as many as you have the money for!

    Go to for good prices on P mags.
  21. Not for me, The Walmarts in california are not allowed to sell firearms. :crying:

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