Colt 6920 at Walmart

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by cyphertext, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Did a search, didn't find this...

    On several forums, people are reporting that Colt 6920s are showing up at the local Walmarts for $1097. My Walmart doesn't carry guns, but one not too far from me does.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy a gun from Walmart now. Not because I think they are factory seconds or whatever conspiracy theories are thrown out there. I won't buy because Walmart pulled their guns and didn't want my money just a few years ago. Now that the pendulum is going the other way, they want to come back into the game and want our money.

    What do you guys think about this? Discuss...

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  3. Given how much they are selling Bushmaster and SIG ARs for, I'd be really shocked to see Colt ARs being sold at WM for that price. Even more so given Colt's past history with civilian sales of un-neutered rifles.

  4. There was a Colt LE model at my local Walmart for the exact price the OP listed. Should have taken a pic.
  5. I haven't seen one myself, but I rarely go to a Walmart other than the one close to my house. But, like I said, it has been posted on several forums. They have been reported in my local area, so I may need to go look. Not sure if they are the LE6920 or the SP6920 rollmark.
  6. There you go....sounds like the LE6920 rollmark.
  7. I remember seeing LE in the serial number, I can't remember, or tell the difference in the 6920,21 etc. It had a removable carry handle
  8. LE6920 and SP6920 are identical, except for roll marks.
  9. The Walmart in Titusville, Florida did in fact have a Colt 6920 for $1097. They also had a Bushmaster, a Sig and a Windham Weaponry.
  10. whitebread

    whitebread ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    The 6921 is a 14.5" barrel and will require a tax tamp or fixed flash suppressor. The 6920 is a 16" barrel.
  11. I would not buy a 6920 from Wal-Mart for that price, or probably any price, unless I really wanted one and no other place had it.
    I do not, however, believe the stories about guns at Walmart being lower quality made.(except for the ones made specifically for them, like the 'Sam Walton' Remington 1100, etc.)

    A guy at the range once told me "If you buy a Savage (of the same model) at Dick's or a sporting goods store instead of from a gun shop, they're not as well-made. But the same idiot also said "Well ARs are only good if ya wanna sling a bunch of lead down range.."
  12. TangoFoxtrot

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    Our area Walmarts have rifles and shotguns but no AR's yet.
  13. Made Man

    Made Man Glock-o-holic

    The walmart in my little 2K+ population town has Bushys and Sigs, haven't seen a Colt there yet.

    Sure am glad I bought my "starter AR" at my LGS, Colt must be having bad quality control and putting out crappy rifles now-a-days.

    Hahaha, I'M JOKING!!!!!!!
    Only reason I wouldn't buy a gun from walmart is cause I bet I could find it a little cheaper if I did some research. Again, I was joking about the crappy rifles, I don't think the quality is low because walmie world carries them.
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  14. The 20 is a normal GI looking AR. That is not a bad price for the rifle though. I have seen leo outfitters selling them below that though.
  15. Yup Colt here in North MS
  16. Went in to Our Walmart for a gallon of milk, and this followed me home this morning, Saves me a trip to the gun show this weekend, speak louder than words!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  17. Presscheck40

    Presscheck40 Presscheck40

    Nice haul.

  18. Thank you for posting that! Hard evidence....there we have it. Congrats on your new rifle.
  19. Juney, I have seen them lower online as well, but Walmart having them in stock at that price blows my mind. That price absolutely blows the $1200 - $1300 price tag in the LGS or the gunshows away.

    I really didn't believe this would be a firearm that Walmart would carry in the store. I could see ordering it from their catalog, but very surprised to see it as normal stock. Guess some of the Walmarts are truly back in the gun business.
  20. stopatrain

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    Nice rifle!
  21. series1811

    series1811 Enforcerator.

    I was in my local Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon and they had one for that price, too.

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