Colt 1991DA?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by GVFlyer, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. GVFlyer

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    I just saw that Colt has brought out a double action only version of the 1991 that kinda looks like a 1903. I sorta like it from a uniqueness point of view. Does anyone know what the trigger is like on this gun?


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  3. Is it bad that I like the look? If the trigger is revolver smooth, or close to it, It could be a great gaming gun.

  4. I have a couple of 1911 DAO frames from the 70's era. I have thought about building them but something always gets in the way. This appears to be the old one with a little new life breathed into it.
  5. NeverMore1701

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    Seems to me that they're taking one of the 1911's biggest strengths and tossing it right out the window.

  6. Yeah, this pistol is not only ugly, it needs a really nice single action trigger.:whistling:
  7. Personally, I believe if you can't carry/operate a normal 1911 safely then you aren't experienced enough to own one. At least it's better than a Para......
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  8. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    Sorry, not a fan, just doesn't look right. I'm sure someone will buy it though.:dunno:
  9. no grip safety.........and don't see a MSH.
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  10. I'm on the fence about it. One hand, I don't really like the look. That trigger looks more Hi-power than 1911, the grips look like poop. The lack of safeties is cool, because I like to just draw and pull like a glock, but it's gotta have that trigger like my glock. Almost no effort for the take-up, then the trigger is short, and crisp, with minimal reset, to that same short, crisp trigger again. I don't want to say they're solving a problem that doesn't exist, but, it's darn near. Although, I don't think the 1903 pattern came in 45ACP? Maybe that's the advantage.
  11. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    I think if they'd have kept the hammer and thumb safety on it and made it DA/SA so you'd have the option of DA or Cocked n' Locked it would have been a better choice. Being DAO in a world that's filled with DAO's already isn't a good idea IMHO.
  12. The grips look like they might fit the Colt Series 90 Double Eagle. Not sure about the right side of this model which has a lot of exterior trigger actuation hardware. I have a stainless Double Eagle .45 acp that I acquired in the early 90s that was and is a good shooter. I have not fired this Colt since the early 90s and wonder why Colt would not bring it back as opposed to some new and different.

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