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Cold Weather Riding

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by mmsig229, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. mmsig229


    Jan 26, 2003
    It's about that time of the year!!!!Do you guys like riding in the cold?????Neither of my bikes (FXST, 929RR) are really set up for cold weather riding. I'll admit, I'm a fair weather rider. Leather coat, high leather gloves, and either a wool cap of full face helmet. If I'm still cold after that, I go take a nap on the couch....
  2. OMEGA5


    Jun 28, 2001
    Not me. I ride to work all year long. If it's not raining, snowing or danger of black ice, I ride. Coldest I rode in last year was 2 degrees.

  3. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate CLM

    Jan 25, 2000
    The barn door I ride behind provides a lot of protection.
  4. Investigate Gerber Electric Jacket Liner and Electric Gloves. I wrong all winter, 2003-2004. Even rode from Columbus Ohio to Cookville TN the middle of March in 2004. Not much call for it now that I'm in Florida, LOL!
  5. I'll ride until the roads are salted, and then continue after the first good rain of the year to wash all the salt away.
    I wear a full leather racing suit with long johns and sweatshirt underneath.
    Only problem with the full leathers is carrying my Glock. No belt to carry IWB, and too snug to wear a shoulder holster. Only way I can take it along is in the tankbag.
    GSX-R 750.
  6. steeltoe


    Sep 30, 2005
    Wipe the frost off the seat and go. I wear my armored mesh jacket underneath a big old NFL parka and quilted nylon pants over jeans around town. LOngjons and the full leathers otherwise. I love my neck gator!
  7. bdhawk


    Mar 18, 2000
    at stop lights, i have had cagers roll down their windows and tell me i am crazy for riding when it is so cold. no electric stuff here, i just layer. i do try to avoid riding when there is ice or snow. i have had to ride in the snow 'cause i got caught out in it. i didn't like it. i felt i didn't have enough control over my destiny.
  8. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    The coldest I've ridden is around 33F. Not too cold for lots of you folks, but that's freezing by Kommiefornia's standard. Full leather really helps with windbreaking and insulation. I'd wear thermal longjohns from Under Armour (ColdGear in their own parlance). Heated grips turn onto High coupled with heavy leather gloves and silk liners and I'm good. Oh yeah, neck gator too. I like the balaclava, but whenever I put it on, it fogs up my glasses. So I resorted to the Under Armour skull cap and neck gator.

    Supposedly I can buy and mount the BMW 1200GS handguards onto my bike to help break the wind even more for the hands, but with heavy leather gloves, silk liners and heated grips, I'm good so far.

    The SoCal winter is very mild, and that's why I love it. The squids go hide whenever it gets too cold for them to ride in T-shirt and short, so the canyons are even more freed up for the serious riders to go and play in.
  9. Timothy658


    Mar 24, 2003
    Speaking of squids, here is a picture I thought was funny.
  10. jthuang

    jthuang On The Jazz

    Jan 17, 2000
    Pennsylvania, USA
    Back when I had a bike, I didn't mind riding in the cold. Then again, my bike was my sole form of transportation (unless I took public transport).

    In fact, one time I rode to a local public gun range (French Creek State Park for you PA guys) in the winter. Took my handgun and my AR-7 .22 rifle (which fit perfectly in my saddlebags).

    Layers are the key. I had a leather jacket, sweatshirt, turtleneck and a t-shirt underneath. Insulated gloves with long gauntlets help block out the cold as well.

    I would prefer riding in the cold just "for kicks". In the summer, if you don't have perf'd leathers or a textile jacket, it's downright hot while you're steaming in your leathers. In the winter, it's much more bearable.
  11. Ralphumor

    Ralphumor NRA Life Member

    Mar 22, 2004
    I have rode at 0 degrees and let me say that it sucked. However I do ride all year round and anything 30 and up is bearable...Less than that I dont care much for. Under armor and lots of layers. Leather and lots of layers. Windshield helps as well along with lots of layers. My hands and feet are what get the coldest. Screw the 9 months a year insurance...........^5
  12. Compy

    Compy CompensateWhat?

    Feb 28, 2000
    Neither here nor there
    Most the miles on my bike are from last winter. I seem to PREFER the cold. Go figure ;g
  13. :) My Beemer has heated grips and just today a heated Corbin saddle. Those and an electric vest work just fine up here in sunny North Arizona.

    My favorite riding season is just approaching! I also love the cold weather riding, other than ice and snow.
  14. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    I've ride in anything above 30 or 40 degrees. Colder than that is not enjoyable for me.
  15. Three-Five-Seven

    Three-Five-Seven Señor Mombo Millennium Member

    Aug 8, 1999
    Great Southwest
    Gerbing Electric Jacket and Gloves. Don't leave home without them.
  16. Markcuda

    Markcuda A gun a month

  17. Since I just got the "M" endorsement on my license, I'm going to have to ride in cold weather for a few months if I'm going to ride at all. As a matter of fact I rode into work tonight (78 miles one way) for the first time. It was 45 degrees and I didn't get cold at all. A snowmobile suit went a long way toward helping with that.

    Friday morning I took a "trial run" most of the way to work just see how it would be. A T shirt, sweat shirt, long sleaved flannel shirt, my mesh "biker jacket" and the snowmobile suit, with my work boots worked great without too much bulk that morning also, and it was down to 29. I had to break out a couple of "heat packs" to slip inside my gloves that morning. Didn't need them today.

    One other thing. I had been thinking about keeping my neck warm. I found a little thing called I believe a neck gaiter at Wal-Mart. It's made for hunters, but it worked find for me on the bike. Just pull it over your head, and down over your neck.
  18. DunedinDragon

    DunedinDragon Senior Oldtimer

    Aug 17, 2005
    Dunedin, FL
    Fortunately, I live in Florida so I don't need to worry about that too much. However, I did grow up in Wyoming so I thought I'd pass along a little trick.

    Typically, the part that gets the coldest on most people are their hands, mainly because they're exposed directly to the wind. If you don't want to hassle with heated gloves, go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy you a box of those clear, disposable latex gloves used for staining wood. Put those on under your gloves and it will act the same as a vapor barrier does on your house..i.e. wind can't get through to your hands.

    Just a nice hint from those of us that grew up in the great white north before there were such things as heated gloves.
  19. A few years ago when I had my sport bike (83 Yamaha SECA 900) I rode from Jax Fl. to Ohio. When I got to Tennessee While going over Jellico Mt. my faceshield kept freezeing up from my breath. I had to pull over at the bottom of the mountain. A couple of old timers that I overheard said it was 5-10 below at their houses. I was cool but not cold. If it wasn't for the faceshield I would have kept going. By the way, I was pulling a trailer with a 24"X 30"X 72" box of Christmas presents also. This was in December.