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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by vic bastige, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Got tired of waiting on Glock to come out with a single stack 9, so I went the M&P route...to many other good choices out there to waste my time waiting and hoping!!

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  2. What do any of these guns (Shield, Nano, Kahr, XDS9, single stack Glock ) do that a PF9 doesn't? Besides weigh more and cost twice as much.

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  3. I'd love one as well, however even being a fan of the shield I think k my next pistol will be a xd-s.
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    Better build quality IMO. Under $500 after all taxes and fees for my Nano did not even come close to breaking my bank. If it did I would not have my Sigs, HKs, Les Baer or 460XVR. If the PF9 suits your purposes that is fine with me.

  5. Please stop.
  6. In my experience, the Shield runs nicely, but I'd consider a single stack 9mm Glock. I'd love for them to come out with one.
  7. Stop what, introducing logic into the discussion?

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  8. In my personal experience, Kel-Tec had been a poorly executed construction and function. If they work for you, then enjoy your logical choice.
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  9. I was going to buy a shield but didn't want to wait so I got a glock 26 instead. Very happy I went that route. In my opinion glock doesn't need a single stack 9mm

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    Common wisdom is that Glock won't make it unless they think there's a military or bunch of police force buyers for it...but then where did the G36 come from? I suspect most cops, being used to carrying something much bigger, have no issue with the G26/27/33/39 as a BUG or off-duty concealed gun, and so we don't get a single stack small frame Glock. Maybe they'll develop one after the carbine. :rofl:
  11. I want that XDS!!!
  12. From what I here the Shield is a great gun, seem almost all who have them really like it. Well built and seem to like all rounds. I dont care anymore if Glock makes one,
    I have my 17 and 26, and mostly carry my Sig 238HD, great gun. Seems to me that Glock would have made a ton of money if they did make a single stake 9.
  13. If Glock could produce a single stack 9mm with their usual reliability, fine . If not, stay away. It doesn't appear to have hurt Smith's sales having been somewhat late to the micro 9mm market. If Glock goes in this direction, take your time and do it right.
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    If you want a single stack Glock consider the Walther PPS. Very nice carry pistol. Thin, not heavy and a very glock-like trigger. I bought one recently, put several hundred rounds through it and I'm quite happy. Food for thought.
  15. I would like to see glock come out with a pocket size single stack. I love my shield and only pocket carry it, but would definitely snatch up a glock one.
  16. No new designs until they get the erratic ejection issue put to bed...ok?

    Lets not have Glock turn into SIG - where they offer tons of finishes and models but allowed the overall quality of their earlier P-series guns to fall to the wayside.

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  18. Glocks are made overseas and must meet the point system from GCA 68, I think. For that reason, you may not see any Glocks capable of competing, size-wise, with the smaller handguns out there.

    For those wanting a really slim single stack, don't overlook the Kahr P9. I also love the Kahr K9 and how it fits the hand. Lots of people are getting wise that for civilian use, a gun holding a bushel full of ammo is not needed.
  19. Glocks are also made here in the USA.
  20. I tried the PM9 (twice) and the PF9. I thought the Nano might be it but I was turned off by their FTE problems.
    I went back to the G26/G27 in a thin kydex pocket holster.
    Nobody can tell I am carrying, it is a bit on the heavy side but it is the only small gun I can shoot as if it was a full size gun as far as accuracy and comfort goes. The G26 can handle hot loads +P, NATO and +P+ unlike other small guns. To me it is worth the extra weight.

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