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CM9 a winner?

Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by benji, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. benji


    Sep 23, 2003
    I like the look and size of the CM9. Are these good? Looking online I've seen mostly positive reviews. So far I own Glocks and a S&W 642 so I'm used to problem free handguns. I've always been intrigued by the Kahrs.
  2. barth

    barth six barrels

    Oct 7, 2011
    The Free Zone
    I've read nothing but good things about them.
    Own an all stainless MK40 Elite myself.

    Kahr guns, like Kimber, come from the factory very tight.
    And usually do require a 200 round breaking period to be reliable.
    Also the long, smooth, revolver like DAO trigger is fairly unique
    and can give some shooters fits.

    You may want to rent/borrow and fire any Kahr pistol.
    Just to verify their trigger is something you really want.
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  3. Dreamliner787


    Jul 12, 2012
    Had one but got rid of it. Nothing wrong with the pistol, just wasn't for me. The only negative was I didn't like the Kahr mags.
  4. wk9k


    Feb 24, 2009
    I bought a CM9 not too long ago brand new. I had one little malfuntion out of the couple hundred rds i put in it. I really like it. Ive had a PM9 before that had feed problems sometimes on the 3rd-4th round. But my CM9 just keeps shooting. I believe if u do get one you either get a lemon or a good one. could possibly be a mag problem though and not the pistol. So before I blamed the pistol I would try a different mag...
  5. barth

    barth six barrels

    Oct 7, 2011
    The Free Zone
    I have heard of folks having mag problems with the polymer guns.
    Particularly the extended mags.
    If you get one and do have a problem following break in?
    Look there.

    My personal Kahr is their top of the line MK40 Elite.
    Slide, barrel, frame and mags are all stainless steel.
    One 5 round and two extended 6 round mags
    have never been a problem for me.
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  6. John43


    Sep 9, 2010
    Murrells Inlet SC
    Mine has been flawless. You hardly know it is there. I carry it instead of the LCP now.
  7. benji


    Sep 23, 2003
    I like my 642 but hate the long heavy trigger and think the CM9 might be a replacement for it. Anybody pocket carry both?

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  8. I do and the CM9 feels better in the pocket. I must say however that I've been just fine pocket carrying a J-frame of one sort or another for thirty eight years. I also find the 642 trigger to be normal, not heavy in the least.YMMV. tom.:cool:
  9. ESAFO


    Nov 25, 2012
    i've grown to really appreciate a small gun, i was'nt a big fan of such a small handgun until i picked up my CM9.
    i also have the 7rd ext mags that i use & have never had a problem with them, from what i've gathered on the issues members are having useing the ext mags is that there putting to much pressure on the pinky ext causeing the feed issues.
    as long as you grip the gun normally you'll be fine, this unit makes for a great edc choice.
    i have never pocket carried (jeans), but i do carry inside my jacket pocket & you never know it's there.
    you won't be disappointed with the purchase, i was fortunate to pick up a used 1 for $325 with very few rds through it & the breakin was already done. :supergrin:
  10. up1911fan


    Mar 12, 2009
    Upper Michigan
    Mine just came in today!
  11. i'm going on 2 years with mine. Zero problems, goes bang with every pull of the trigger. wear mine 4 o'clock iwb, i's an excellent handgun, good fit and finish. a very long, smooth trigger pull. nothing like a glock, this is a long pull with no indication of going bang 'til it does, for self-defense shooting, no problem, pull the trigger until the threat is gone. for the fun of target shooting, no. great gun for concealed carry:cool:
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  12. tpr7304


    Jan 1, 2006
    My 442 sits in the safe since I got my CM9. The CM9 pocket carries just as easy as the 442, holds two more rounds, and has much better sights. Get the CM9 and don't look back. I haven't had any malfunctions with mine after 2000 rounds.
  13. The little handguns require the shooter to have a firm grip and wrist for reliable function. A lot of the function issues can re traced to the shooter. It is why many consider pocket 9mm to be for a more skilled user.

    I carry a Kahr PM9 which is very similar to the CM9. I find if I do my part, it functions very well. I carry mine in a pocket holster. If I am going to IWB carry, I can conceal a larger handgun and I go with. Glock 27 or 19.

    Kahr tells shooters to load the first by locking the slide back, inserting the magazine and releasing the slide lock. Though Kahr seems to be the only one to recommend this, it makes my Springfield Armory XDs feed the first round more reliably too. Slingshotting can work, but you have to hold firmly and really release the slide fast and all the way back. I recommend using the slide release.

    If you look at a fully loaded Kahr PM9 (I expect the CM9 is the same), you will see the top cartridge is at a different angle. The nose sticks up a little bit. This is to more reliably feed. The Kahr and other small pistols in 9mm and above have steeper feed ramps due to size limitations. These little handguns are a compromise in design and shooting skills, but they are very easy to shoot well.

    The little Kahr pocket 9mm pistols are definitely great little handguns and highly concealable. They pocket carry very well and, in you live in a free state, you don't have a manual safety to mess with. They conceal much better than a J-frame revolver, carry more ammo and reload faster.
  14. fullhouse


    Mar 29, 2010
    I have a CM9 with two 8 round mags.
    2 years with about 1000 rounds.
    The gun works flawlessly with the stock mag as well as the 2 eight rounders.

    I did have a problem with the 8 rd mags when they were new with American Eagle 124 gr taking a nose dive when feeding.
    I found that the bullets were hanging and digging into the inside edge of the front of the mag. After polishing off the sharp edge the mags worked perfect.

    In a nutshell the gun itself is perfect for what it was designed for but Kahr should do something about the quality control on there mags.

    I have also had problems with the 7 round .40 mags but they were end user fixable also.

    I have 2 Kahrs, a CW40 & CM9. I wouldn't part with either of them. If they were lost or stolen, I would buy the same guns again..

    Maybe by now Kahr has fixed there mags.
  15. burttrans


    Aug 17, 2012
    I like my CM9 and it has been 100% reliable. Usually carry in Sticky Holster in IWB in same Sticky Hoster love the size and weight of it.
  16. fullhouse


    Mar 29, 2010
    Yup, there great little guns.
    I pocket carry my CM9 and IWB my CW40..
  17. I love my CM9, its in my pocket right now. It pocket carries great, has been 100 percent reliable over 500+ rounds, is very accurate and has an excellent trigger. I have no problem hitting an empty gas grill propane tank at 50 yards. I would recommend one to anyone.

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  18. smith10

    smith10 10MM WOOOOOOT

    Jul 25, 2002
    southwest Pa.
    I also love my CM9!

    Pocket carry it all the time, great backup to my Hi power.
  19. I've experimented with a host of 'pocket' revolvers and pistols for discreet SD carry. My most recent favorite has been a no-lock 442. While the Centennial Airweights are fairly easy to carry...I've never been able to shoot them with a proficiency that I find acceptable...even with the added benefit of laser grips. While I'm quite pleased with the speed and accuracy of a PPK and P232...I'd prefer something lighter, more compact, and having greater potency than a 380 for SD.

    During last weekends local gun show, I bought a CM9. Yesterday, I ran 100 rounds through it and it feed and ejected without a hitch. The slide did, however, fail to lock back on an empty magazine a few times. I also bought a second Kahr flush 6 round magazine and didn't mark them. Will do next range session. Overall, I was quite pleased with the firearm and my shot placement. So far, it looks like it might serve my need for a more shootable pocket SD firearm. Time and more range time will tell.

    FWIW, I found that it is easy to not properly seat the last round in the magazine when loading. Perhaps this has contributed to some of the first round feeding issues that have been reported.

    BTW, I also have a MK40. It is a fantastic little pistol but I find its weight unsuitable for pocket carry.
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