Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by ESAFO, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. :bowdown: the new CM45 introduced @ the 2013 shot show..... :drool:

    [ame=""]Kahr Arms CM 45 conceal carry pistol at SHOT Show 2013 - YouTube[/ame]

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  3. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I'd be interested in handling one when they become available. I had a CW45 and it shot nicely, if the CM45 is even remotely pocketable, it'll be hard to resist. I'm glad they went with the full slide serrations and not the half ones they use on the PM45. 230gr JHP at 850+ fps from a small .45? Yeap, I'll take it.

  4. i've never shot the CW45 but i've handled 1 & when i was looking for a cc, the CM was the unit for me so i'm hopeing the CM45 grip is shorter than the CW.
    just by looking at the video it does seem abit shorter than the CW for ease of cc & i agree there will be 1 in my collection... :supergrin:
  5. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Yes I may add one as well whenever they hit the shelves. The CM45 grip will definitely be shorter than the CW45 grip, the CM series is the same size as their PM series. Check out pics or size comparisons on the PM45 since it is the same size as the new CM45.
  6. Interesting

    Should sell very well
  7. waiting for GT reviews on this one. I have a CM9 and i love it, I had a CW45 and it was a disaster, it would fall apart while shooting, and it wouldn't chamber any serious HP's. if this is as good as the CM9, it is surely a winner:cool:
  8. I read on kahrtalk that these might be available later on this year. Apparently they have had some issues and they don't want anymore recall problems.
  9. now that all the bugs should be worked out of them, same height as my CM9 with a 7rd ext mag & 1/2in longer in the barrel.
  10. craig_o


    You'll like it plenty.
  11. i loved my CW45 so thats my same plans for this.
  12. took it out yesterday for a test drive & yes i'm very pleased, this soon will be my everyday carry piece after another trip or 2 to the range.
    very smooth trigger & accurate, popped right back down after every shot to zero back in on target.
  13. craig_o


    Glad you liked it! It's a great feeling when you know you've found a new EDC, ain't it?

    I like my guns, but love my Kahrs.
  14. yeah when they were 1rst introduced i almost bought 1 right away, but just like any new product i wanted to get some intel from actual users.
    so after many many articles & talking with folks, just like any new gun either you love it & it runs flawlessly or you have not a single good thing to say about it-just like anything...
    so a few weeks ago a buddy of mine bought it & told me about it & i told him he would love it, so we talked more & he changed his tune the more we talked & out of the blue he asked me if he decided to sell would i be interested.
    i replied for the right price i'm interested in everything :rofl:
    we went back & forth on a price & i told him on Sun i was either buying his or i found 1 on GB for a great price i was gunna buy, 3min later he finally excepted my offer BNIB never fired with 3 extra mags & i'm glad he did. :supergrin:

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