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Close call- power supply died, nothing else

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by LinuxKnight, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. LinuxKnight

    LinuxKnight Edge Of Reality

    Jul 20, 2004
    PDX Oregon
    Just thought I would rant about this, also to vent... ;)

    So my main desktop PC is a custom built, by me.
    AMD64x2 5200 2.7ghz
    2GB RAM, Corsair DDR2 800mhz
    Gigabyte mobo, solid state capacitors (important to the outcome)
    NVidia 8800GT PCI-E
    500GB SATA HDD for Windoze
    120GB IDE HDD for Linux
    Coolermaster Praetorian aluminum case

    I recently did an upgrade on this system, old build was a single core socket 754 AMD64, AGP graphics, etc. I kept the hard drives, case, and power supply, added the SATA DVDRW, mobo, CPU, RAM, and video are all new (mostly from NewEgg).

    The old PSU was a 450W no-name, it didn't even have a PCI-E rail (had to use an adapter).

    So yesterday morning, after installing Fedora 10 on my Linux drive and doing some tweaks the night before, I noticed that it had rebooted back into Windoze (the default choice). Later that evening, my wife and I heard a loud noise and upon checking, the computer was off. Would not power up again. I knew the PSU was involved, and hoped that nothing else went down with it.

    I work in GeekSquad (yeah yeah, it's a job, and anything is better than nothing in this economy), so I was able to pick up a new PSU (employee discount was nice!). I got a ThermalTake 550W this time, the kind with removable cable sets. Put it in, and lo and behold, ITS ALIVE!

    The reboot earlier was probably the old PSU starting its death throes.

    So thankfully it was just the old PSU that went, it didn't take anything else with it. I'm thinking the solid state capacitors on the mobo might have helped.

    Any other war stories, close calls, etc?
  2. LinuxKnight

    LinuxKnight Edge Of Reality

    Jul 20, 2004
    PDX Oregon

    Come on, no one else has had a close call like this, one component went out, could have taken others with it, but didn't?

    Or maybe you did have a power supply go out and it took your mobo or hard drive with it and you got so steamed you took it out back and tested out some new 7.62x39 loads on it?? ;)

    I know there are more "war stories" out there, come on let's hear 'em...

  3. azg2340


    Apr 20, 2008
    People usually go cheap on their PS's and then they pay when that cheap PS with no over voltage protection blows up and takes out their mobo/ram/video card, etc......

    Spend some money on your PS people.

    I run an OCZ PS and I love it.

    Very well built. Very robust.
  4. IndyGunFreak


    Jan 26, 2001
    Those removable cable sets on the ThermalTakes, are freakin awesome. You can put on only the cables you need, not a ton of extra crap in there to try and tie up inconspicuously, etc. I've not yet saw an Antec model like that yet, but surely they are watching that. Its really a fantastic idea.

    I've had a couple power supplies die, w/o blowing up the rest of the PC. It all depends on how they go.. Do they just start randomly and inexplicably turning off after a few minutes. Or do they launch a blue flame out of the back of the PC... :). The former, a swap will usually work.. the latter.. well, probably not.

    I do agree w/ azg though, to many people skimp on the power supply.

  5. Big Al 24

    Big Al 24

    Apr 23, 2008
    +1 Nowadays, buy big to give you future options.
  6. podwich


    Sep 7, 2000
    I have an Antec Signature series PS and it is mostly modular. It does have some hard-wired (MB power, some SATA drive power, some PCI-E power, some molex), but the rest are modular. It's pretty much set up that the minimum is hard-wired, with the ability to add cables as you need.