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  1. Does anyone have experience with the Firearms Safety class offered at Shore Shot Pistol Range in Lakewood, NJ? I was thinking about signing up for a class there, or anywhere for the matter. The class at Shore Shot is $125, includes 3 hours instruction ,a gun rental, 1 box of ammo, and a pack of targets.

    Does that sound reasonable, or does anyone have ideas on other places for classes?

    I'm currently in the application process for a FID and my "permission slip" for a handgun purchase :steamed:.

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  2. Patterson

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    I can't speak for the classes that Shore Shot might offer. A few years ago I took a Basic Pistol class sponsored by the but it was up north in the Bridgewater area. I haven't been to Shore Shot in a while as it seemed to get a bit pricy. There were a couple of good guys working there... including a Glock Armorer & an off-duty LEO. You might also try comparing it to Ready Aim Fire ( which (for better or worse) is located in Bristol, PA. You might also see if any of the local gun clubs (Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club) offer any training for non-members.

  3. I've taken that class almost a year ago. It's not too bad for a beginner (like i was). Goes over all the basics as if you never heard of the concept of a gun, then after the little classroom session you go over to the range and the guy helps you with technique, posture, etc. not too bad. and you can use the certificate to go for your FL ccw =)

    How is the price? I'm not sure. I have no reference, it's up to you

    as for your permision slip, i'm not sure how busy ur town is, but i applied early july, they got my prints back sept 23, was told 2 weeks ago that it would be 2 weeks max, called this week and was told to wait till the end of october... f'in NJ. This is what my taxes are going towards...
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  4. Patterson

    Patterson Never Forget!

    I just remembered that Brick Armory was supposed to have opened an indoor range & "training facility". You might check them out as well -
  5. I took that class about 5-6 years ago. Back then it was $100. It was one on one instruction. It is for beginners but you make it to your level if you ask a lot of appropriate questions.

    Oh and it took me 8 months to get my FID and pistol permits for the first time. After that it's usually 2-3 months.
  6. i've been to shore shot and i was also thinking about taking their safety course. keep your fingers crossed, i got my FID in less than 5 weeks from the time i sumbitted my application. now after purchasing a Sig p6, i have to apply for more purchase permits. i hope it doesnt take long, cause i have a few handguns i would love to get my fingers on
  7. might i also add that brick armory is a sweet range, plus their open late.. just a real long drive for me cause im from north jersey. there are no ranges up north that i have came across that allow "renting"
  8. I'm thinking about heading to Brick to check it out as well. They're both only 15 minutes from me. Anyone know the membership rates for Brick?
    Shore Shot's rates are posted on their website, but there's nothing on Brick's page.
  9. I believe entrance fee is $10 and handgun rental is also $10 for members..non member entrance fee is $18 and handgun rental is $15-$20..also if ur a member u get a slight discount on ammo
  10. Do you know what an annual membership for Brick Armory runs?
  11. Well I bought a G19 from Lawman Supply on Friday (with 3 15rd Mags for $426.93 OTD :supergrin:) I went to check out Brick Armory and ended up signing up for a year membership... Great place, and at 11:30am, It was only myself and a husband/wife a few stalls down.

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