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Clarifications for/from Peace Warrior

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by ArtificialGrape, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Peace Warrior,

    Bumping 11/1/13 since you have again been participating in Religious Issues

    Given your indication to no longer participate in the So, You Think You're Smart? thread, I started a new thread to continue the conversation.

    A basic of writing/editing is to not use more words than is necessary, and the preceding text didn't change the message. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to John Adams, "I apologize to you for the lengthiness of this letter, but I had no time for shortening it."

    Of course, roses beget roses and dogs beget dogs. I'll go one further and say that no parent organism has spawned an organism that was anything other than their own species.

    I never said that they weren't related, and of course, they are. There is a common ancestor that can be found between any two species (animal or plant). Dogs and roses have a common ancestor, but that does nothing to suggest that "that a couple of roses, 'cross-pollinating,' would beget a dog".
    Given that you find macro-evolutions primary tenets to be absurd, could you explain these primary tenets as you understand them, and we can try to work from there.


    By the way, your refusing to capitalize Darwin's name is petty and childish. I capitalize God, Jesus, Christian, Bible, etc. without believing in them.
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  2. Another response from the thread you abandoned -- seems a bit in poor form to throw out questions then to declare that you won't participate further.

    I know that you freely admit to not understanding the theory of evolution (while at the same time deeming it absurd), but there is no change in my position, and certainly not "yet again".

    Evolution begins with this primordial progenitor, Darwin does not discuss the origin of this primordial molecule. Nowhere does Darwin make any suggestion that this first living molecule arose from inorganic material (abiogenesis). Darwin's writings do not preclude God creating the first self-replicating molecule and letting evolution take it from there.

    Of course, I'm always open to being proven wrong since that's an opportunity to learn.


  3. Lefties love to rag on Christians, but don't have the cajones to 'debate' with Muslims. Why don't you favor some group of Muslims with the 'wisdom' of your quoted lines above? Tell them that their Koran is wrong; Jews couldn't possibly be descended from apes and pigs.

    Too risky for you?

    Well then, how about schooling those British Muslim medical students who are boycotting lectures on Darwinian evolution at University College London, because it "clashes with the Koran"?

    Or how about sympathizing with the imam of the Masjid al-Tawhid mosque in Leyton, England? He had suggested that Darwinism and Islam might be compatible, but then he received death threats.

    I guess that's why lefties content themselves with trying to tear down Western beliefs while kow-towing to Islam, huh?
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    Nov 1, 2002
  5. Animal Mother

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    Mar 22, 2004
    I haven't noticed any fear to debate with the Muslims who have participated in this forum. Are your delusions obscuring reality again snowy?
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    Dec 23, 2007
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    Hey! This thread is for PW's psychosis.

    I'm sure someone will address yours in another thread.:rofl:
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    Jan 24, 2012
    Look at what you quoted and then tell me how your response has anything to do with that.

    Do you even realize that this is your entire debate style? Never address anything anyone says, just find a way to point the finger at them for not being more upset with muslims than they are with Christians, Jews, Walmart, the old lady across the street, whatever the topic at hand is. None of it matters to you as long as you can point to "dhimmis" that you can call out as being a bigger part of the problem. I have literally never seen you make a post that didn't at least mention Muslims if not having them as the entire topic. Don't you have any other hobbies?

    We get it. You hate Muslims. I mean really really hate them like they're the evil hell spawn that bit your mama and now you have to hunt them down with silver bullets and a titanium sword. Fine. Have fun with your crusade but since you obviously have a hard on for complaining about Muslims then I'll ask, why don't you go tell them those things to their face? Hmm tough guy? Why don't you fly your butt over to the nearest Muslim infested area and let them all know what a bunch of evil useless hole crappers they are and let us know how that goes for you?

    You like to come here and mock us for not standing up to Islam as much as you do. Here's a news flash... you're not doing squat about it either. Where are your Islamic battle scars? How often do you get death threats or fatwas against you? Has a Muslim ever even thrown a rock or bottle at you?

    Nope. You go do your thing (presumably performing some function at a job that keeps you fed and your internet connection at the very least) and then come home and spout off about what's on your mind online just like the rest of us so spare us the routine about how cowardly we are for not going after Islam.

    Hey Snowbird, you're such a coward for not jumping in the ocean and punching a shark in the face. Do you know how many people are killed by sharks every year? Do you even GAF? No. You just go on letting it happen and pretending that it'll never happen to you.........

    Now imagine if I took the shark rant to every forum I posted in. Never could I get a comment on anything out without bringing up the sharks and the cowards that don't face them...while never really facing them myself. Wouldn't you think the crazy was creeping in at some point?
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    I haven't bothered spending any time in that thread but I must say you are more dedicated to evolution than any I have seen.
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    Jan 6, 2008
    I won't speak for him, but I don't think any of us are "dedicated" to evolution any more than we are "dedicated" to gravity, sunlight, or the fact that fire will burn us if we touch it.

    It is the best supported, most thoroughly researched and documented answer for how different organisms came to be and why they are the way they are. It also explains relationships between the DNA, bone structure, and organ structure of similar organisms.

    It is regularly debated by people with a strong dedication to an unproven story book that happens to be the one flavor of story they don't consider to be myth. For some reason the Koran is wrong, as is Greek, Egyptian, Zoroastrian, or Mayan religion, but their storybook is truth.

    THAT is dedication.
  10. In the other thread Peace Warrior made some claims, asked some questions, then less than 30 minutes later he said that he would no longer participate in the hijacking of the OP's thread.

    Shirley he wasn't abandoning the conversation, but merely showing respect for the OP, so I created this thread to address his questions and seek clarification on his claims.

    I suspect that he'll be "right back".

  11. Mr Spock

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    Jan 6, 2008
    Don't call him Shirley... :)
  12. He may have OCD. He appears unable to control his behavior. He's obviously obsessed and he seems compelled to act on his obsession.
  13. 1) I don't hate Muslims (we're to hate the sin, not the sinner); I hate Islam, an ideology as evil as Nazism or communism. Why don't you? Do you love war, slavery and death? Whether you know it or not, it's us or them.

    2) I don't claim to be the world's toughest guy; I'm just a weak little old man who has to fight sin within my own nature. But I'm trying to do God's will, trying to stand up for what's right, which is more than what I see leftist Islamosupremacist-sympathizers doing.

    Back in the day, when I served in the US Army (what service were you in again, BTW? Or have you stood up against crime? Have you even voted for fiscally-prudent, non-socialist politicians? Or have you made a commitment to one woman, to be her loving husband, and to make the sacrifices necessary to raise a family, which society needs? Leftist Europe, with us not far behind, is dying due to decadent selfish leftists rejecting God and suicidally developing contempt for even their own life, as they celebrate homosexuality and Islam:upeyes:), the largest threat to our freedom was communism, which I was trying to do my part to defend against.

    This thread is another wrong-headed leftist attack against Christianity, and ultimately, against Western civilization and it's freedom and prosperity, which came from Christianity. as well as against family, the crucial building block of healthy society. Leftists, directly or indirectly these days, support Islam, an antithesis of freedom, while suicidally attacking Christianity, fiscal prudence and family.
  14. This thread is not an attack on anyone or anything. The title is pretty clear -- this thread is for clarifications for and from Peace Warrior.

    As already pointed out he made some claims and asked questions of me in another thread, then turned around and declared that he would not participate any further in the hijacking of the thread. This thread was created so that I could provide some clarifications for Peace Warrior, and hopefully at some point he will respond.

    Not every thread is about Islam and Muslims, so if everybody doesn't mind I would prefer that this thread went dormant until/unless Peace Warrior chooses to respond (though I may occasionally bump it if necessary).


  15. I do. "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for I am the toughest SOB in the valley."

    What does that mean? How do you personally stand up against evil? By ranting on the Internet?

    I thought I had but it turned out I was being misled so I voted Democrat the last time.

    Been married nearly 40 years. Four children. All married to their first spouses. All successful. All have their own homes. Three of them have Masters degrees. Seven grandchildren. Good enough for you? How about you?

    So after we pulled out of Vietnam the dominoes fell and the Communist took over? Must have been in an alternate universe, or maybe you were duped?

    Au contraire. Your OCD has compelled you to hijack yet another thread with yet another mindless rant. There's medication for that.
  16. 1) Very commendable. You're the exception that proves the rule. A very significant number of people who voted Democrat in the last election are unwed 'baby mommas' on welfare, spawning feral children who become prostitutes, gangstas, crack addicts, etc.

    2) Did you not see that infamous photo of the last helicopter leaving the US embassy in Saigon, people still clamoring to try to get aboard, before the commies came and changed it to Ho Chi Minh City? Yes, the dominoes did fall. The communist North took over all of Vietnam, murdering and imprisoning millions. The communist, Pol Pot, took over Cambodia and implemented his infamous 'Killing Fields', liquidating millions. Communist oppression in S.E. Asia gave rise to the 'Boat People' refugees. Here on the home front, draft-dodging leftists spat on returning US military veterans and hung around campuses, getting more degrees until they inherited the universities, enabling them to brainwash more American youth into belief in socialism, Christophobia, and hatred of traditional America. More recently, they've been duping Americans that Islam is a 'religion of peace':upeyes:.
  17. Bull****.

    Our behavior in Vietnam was shameful. We should have gone in with everything we had. However, the Communists already had everything but Thailand. The domino were supposed to keep falling until the U.S. was isolated. They stopped at Thailand, so no, they didn't keep falling.
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    Apr 22, 2007
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    Bird, what if Odin is God?
  19. Animal Mother

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    Mar 22, 2004
    As has been pointed out many times before, if you're opposed to war, slavery, and death you'd have to be against pretty much all religions. It doesn't matter what you believe, statistics (those things you love so very, very much) show you're going to die.
    While practicing sin on the internet.
    How exactly do you define "what's right"?
  20. 1) Here we see both the Left's typical aversion to truth coupled with their customary rudeness and vulgarity.

    2) The Left's behavior over Vietnam was shameful and treasonous. Recall Hanoi Jane sighting that communist anti-aircraft gun at our guys? The communists didn't have "everything but Thailand". The British successfully fought a counter-guerrilla war against communists in Malaysia. We assisted the Philippines in putting down the communist Huk uprising.

    Today, the treasonous Left supports Islamofascism, which is threatening southern Thailand just as it is Israel. Southern Philippines is also under Islamofascist attack, as are Christians in Nigeria, Kenya, and numerous other countries. Leftist-backed Islamic immigration threatens most of the West these dark days -look at the Muslim-ruled 'no-go' zones in Western cities such as London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dearborn, etc. Communists and Muslims hold sway in Hollywood, our White House, and on our university campuses. Conservative Christian America (that is, free, solvent America) is indeed increasingly isolated.

    Tell us why Molly Norris had to leave her job, her home, her identity, and live on the run in a formerly free country?