Cigarettes as barter

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Dalton Wayne, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Dalton Wayne

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    Your thoughts on this,

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  4. Deputydave

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    Many states don't allow smoking anymore in correctional facilities. Can't speak to them all, but Florida stopped in the early 90's. Oddly enough we didn't see the problems we thought we would. But they command a high price if they can have them smuggled in and they often have sources on the outside assisting. Same with drugs.

    In a post-SHTF scenario it probably would be as useful for barter as food to some people judging on those that would rather buy a pack than eat. But then a lot of those folks aren't going to last a week in a situation like that sad to say.
  5. FireForged

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    Booze and cigs are typically not the breakfast of champions.. I just don't see those 2 items being very important to the people who are fit enough to have managed to get through heckhitthefan. I am not a endoftheworldasweknowit kinda person but I will play along for the purpose of friendly debate and musing
  6. Deputydave

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    Cigs and tobacco in general may be a useful barter item in the short term. Long term it may not be as useful as alcohol though as alcohol can be medicinal or fuel.
  7. As barter probably not too bad an idea though I would not devote alot of space or expense to them. It does bear mention that in a SHTF situation you will encounter people whom you may need something from that are stresed out beyond belief that would REALLY like a cigarette.
  8. Ruin night vision, give away position, create health problems, don't make a good fuse anymore (chems)....Yes, trade them to others and don't ingest
  9. mrmedina

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  10. There is a small window where Cigs will be valuable. Unlike alcohol, they serve no real purpose. There will be the first few days, and people will have their smokes. Then they will get desperate for a week or two, and then they will be done.

    Once nicotine addiction is whipped, and that won't take long in SHTF, people will have beat it and they won't have value. Marginal/Minimal at best.
  11. How long before cigarettes go stale?
    How long before beer goes stale?
    How long before opened can of mountain house food goes stale?
    How long before gasoline goes stale?

    Before the internet, unless you went to the public library, there wasn't a reliable source of information. Now, there is the internet. However, try to find scientific answers, not responses from exceptionalists, old geesers who remember gasoline formulations when lead was used, and people who relate old wive's stories like they can operate a bolt action rifle as fast as a person can fire a semi automatic rifle.

    How Long before Cigarettes Go Stale?
    Depending on the weather condition, cigarettes can go stale within 2 or 3 weeks after opening. If unopened, they can take more than one year and still be used without any harm.

    Of course, you could communicate with the cigarette manufacturer, but most people wouldn't.

    In googling, I came across this: Does Stress Cause Pimples? The Facts::rofl::wavey:
  12. Id stay clear of bartering anything that would cater to anyone's 'vices'. Once an addict knows you have something they are may have bigger issues.
  13. Well, my real world experience says just the opposite. I lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s - not quite "SHTF", but worse than most Americans have ever experienced or imagined.

    People do not stop smoking when cigarettes become rare. They pay insane prices to black market dealers, they switch to pipes and roll paper, they grow their own tobacco plants - but they do not stop smoking.
  14. WayaX

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    Stored properly, pipe tobacco can last a long time. If you were to invest in any tobacco product, that is my advice. Keep a pipe or rolling paper around, too. When you guys are fighting to be the last one to die, you'll probably want a smoke when the fat lady sings..
  15. And I think that is the key....

    When SHTF and water/food/shelter become the top priorities - Vices will fall off to zero.

    If things are only "tough" and water/shelter are ok etc. then you may see a booming vice market.
  16. ICARRY2

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    Toilet paper will be more valuable for barter than booze or smokes.
  17. For short term maybe. When I got to Iraq smokes were $5 a carton. Most of price in the U.S. is tax. Two or three months after shtf people might be selling cigarettes for third world prices. On the other hand after teotwawki having tobacco seeds might let you put in a good cash crop. I would just buy what I think I need and trade excess for whatever I overlooked. If I had cigarettes I would just smoke the darned things as soon as I got stressed.,aps,325&rh=i:aps,k:tobacco seeds
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  18. making shine and growing tobacco will become skill sets that few have but, many need. got to think about post shtf and how you can profit coming out of it. just like medical and blacksmith skills.
  19. WolfNotSheep

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    Tobacco is good to stock if you have all your other preps squared away. Before worrying about cigarettes ask your self if you have food that will last a long, long time without power and the means to cook it, do you have the means to fortify your home and protect yourselves, do you have enough hands on deck for basic security, do you have medical supplies squared away, a convenient source of good water not reliant on electricity, a garden, etc...
  20. RMTactical


    Even amongst the troops, Cigs and Water (when they are on patrol) are some of the most desirable things. That said, I am not sure I would personally buy something for preps that I wouldn't use myself or for someone in my group.
  21. FireForged

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    Madmax bartertown aint happening.. if you prep, you would likely be better served with items that [you] will need.

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