Chuck Woolery on "Assault Weapons." Awesomeness!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by racer88, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. How does he aim that thing? No sights, no scope, he's going to be spraying bullets :rofl:

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  2. Jeff82

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  3. It's an "assault weapon", do you have to aim those? I thought they just shot themselves?!?
  4. I used to love watching Love Connection when I was little. My dad used to watch it every night and if I could keep my eyes open late enough I could watch it with him.
  5. H&K 4 LIFE

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    This was great! Thanks for posting.
  6. LOL, awesome and true!!! great video! :thumbsup:
  7. Great guy and born just 30 miles from me in Ashland, Kentucky.
  8. awesome...shared!
  9. You don't need to aim with an assault rifle capable of firing thousands of rounds a second...
  10. Fred Hansen

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    Chuck & Ice 2016!

  11. kirgi08

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    My puter froze at the 4min mark.I like the message,I also see the gaps.'08.
  12. fnfalman

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    Chuck Woolery is the type of people that the NRA need to seek out for public speaking.
  13. Berto

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    I'm in.:wavey:
  14. Glockworks

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    Beautiful, and wow Ice T gets it too.
  15. Fear Night

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    Liked, favorited, and subscribed!
  16. redbaron007

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    1. The Outpost Lounge

    At first I thought this was his form of satire. However, looking at his You Tube channel, seems like it is legit.

    Thanks Chuck! :thumbsup:


  17. Wow - And I just thought he said "Give me vowel" really well...

    Chuck is DEEP!!!!!!!
  18. Agreed he makes a good argument and instead of coming off as a radical or Zealot he comes across as level headed,articulate, and making SENSE!

    When you can make a argument like that video and do it in a articulate,funny even at points, giving a historical background, that makes sense and seems to be coming from a guy that is that just a guy not some radical far right Zealot..the message to the majority of people comes across much better and cleaner than the "from my cold dead hands" type of stuff.
  19. Honestly for a former(well at least i assume former lol) gang banger and rapper..I think he is quite a bit more intelligent/well read than many give him credit for. Not really a "fan" of his but at points he does make sense :).
  20. Spiffums

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    You mean Making Whoopy! instead of **** :whistling:

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