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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by herdingcats, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Good choice... drop me a PM if you need some tips setting up or need a good area to chrono. I can meet you at my club.

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  2. I don't know that it is except I suspect the skyscreens are better. Even then, I don't KNOW that. I can say that my M2 has issues that limit the time of day when it is useful.

    I am not too sure I care about the printer tape. It's pretty useless compared to the ability to connect my M2 to a PC and download everything. I really do want to create that magic database that ties loads and chronograph readings together.

    I wish the M2 had a way to annotate the various strings.

    There are two ways to play with the M2: let the number of strings grow until all memory is consumed (this is nice because you get a fresh and complete download every time) or erase the strings after every download (you get rid of the old trash).

    The big deal with the Oehler 35P is the 3rd screen. This allows the unit to take two measurements and compare the results thus validating the reading. I think this probably IS a big deal. Whether it is worth the difference in cost, maybe...

    As I said, it is worth considering. It's interesting that the 35P used to sell for about $200 according to:

    At that price, even without the printer (apparently an 'extra' at the time) it was a good deal.


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    Check out magneto speed chronograph, more for rifle than handgun.
  4. I actually agree with that philosophy, and had I been aware of the Oehler at the time I purchased mine, would have given it a serious look.

    One thing for near certain however; in 20 years I'll be dead, or likely wish I was! :crying:

  5. All chronos have issues with lighting. Put the chrono in a box and use IR and it will not have those issues. Or just a simple shade. You can buy two CED's and run them in tandem for less then the price of the 35. They do that at the nationals.
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  6. A Germany company did a test of the ced and the 35. They were essentially the same in accuracy.

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