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Chrome Lined Barrel Vs. Normal Barrel?

Discussion in 'GATE AR-15 Forum' started by obiestreasures, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. My question is I'am looking to purchase a AR15 and wondering while looking at different models and makes how important is it to decide if I need a chrome lined barrel or a normal barrel? I do not intend to shoot that many rounds and worry about a heat problem but I do want something that is accurate for shooting up to 200 or 300 yards. Some of the brands and models I looked at I like but they do not have a chrome lined barrel and that is why I have not made a move on my decision which one to purchase. From all the advice on this site they keep saying to take your time and get all the information you can be for you make a purchase....
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    Dec 10, 2009
    If you shoot a lot or just don't clean like you should then a chrome or nitro barrel will last longer. Every barrel manufacturer turns out good and bad barrels and it's just luck of the draw if you get a good one or bad one when it comes to production grade barrels but, some manufacturers have better quality control and then some better builders may catch problem barrels so you will have better luck with reputable company. Some companies could be selling bicycle parts for all they care they just move barrels from one box to another and ship so all the bad barrels are passed along to the consumer and they have a bad rep because of it. There are 3-4 barrel manufacturers that make most of the barrels for all of the companies that sell AR-15s. The cheapest unlined barrels are just cheap and I doubt anyone inspects anything.
    With the warnings in place and understanding you don't plan to shoot much and will clean the rifle after range trips I don't think an unlined barrel is a deal killer if you buy from a reputable company.
    ETA- Someone over on arfcom shot over 50,000 rounds(cost of ammo apx $15000) through a SS barrel before it failed(key holed a bullet) and CM will outlast stainless as long as it is cleaned regularly. Typical accurate(2-3MOA) life span for CM or stainless is apx 8000 rounds, chrome and Nitro Carburized barrels can double that according to some shooting carbine courses on a regular basis.
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  3. Thank you sir, that question has been on my mind and now I know which way to go with what Iam looking for.
    Thanks Agn.