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Christmas bonus was an AR15

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by gordonfactor, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. hello guys and gals. I just bought my first complete AR15 style rifle this weekend. I work at a gun store in the area and I got a generous Christmas bonus due to extreme level of business (thanks Democrats). I of course put the money to good use and bought a new gun. I bought a S&W M&P-15 Sport. I was in the middle of building my first AR on a Stag lower and finished the bottom half. Then the CT shooting happened and the AR market went NUTS. The upper I want is on Intergalactic backorder. I'm concerned about a possible change in the law and didn't want to wait months to have a functional rifle so I bought the sport to have a spare/beater gun. The build will be a long range 20" A2 style gun when done. I'm happy to have a gun made locally by a respected company that stands behind their product. The lack of forward assist and dust cover don't bother me at all. Neither will be missed with the type of casual use this gun will see.

    I do have a technical question for you AR gurus, particularly in AWB states like mine. I want to have a stock that is adjustable but I'm wary of violating the law. this gun will see most of it's use in NH. I want to have a stock that can be "fixed" at home but can be made adjustable on the range. Looking for a few ideas/suggestions. Was thinking a small hole and a machine screw in the fully extended position that can be removed with a tool. Any thoughts? And please, I don't want to hear the chorus of "move to NH". I want to, I'm going to but it's not possible now. If anyone has any wisdom, opinions or ideas I'd love to hear from people more experienced.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah(to me) to you all.

  2. Wriggly


    May 1, 2010
    Dont sell the S&W Sport short. They are great guns. Much better than a lot of AR's that have forward assists and dustcovers. Neither of which is really mandatory.