Christianophobia, Or Fear Of Christianity

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by JBnTX, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Let's think about this.

    Someone is apparently inspired by their religion to do something horrifying. Although it demonstrably isn't an isolated incident, it must be an isolated incident, for some reason.

    Pointing out someone was apparently inspired by their religion to do something horrifying is somehow childish, desperate, immature, indecent, and beneath contempt.

    So atheists should never point out someone being inspired by their religion to do something bad, because it's bad manners to point out stuff like that?

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  2. happyguy

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    Ha ha ha. I don't threaten anyone. And I certainly didn't threaten anyone on GT. If you think I did then you need to go back to CC and retake English 101.

    Comrade Happyguy :)

  3. happyguy

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    Yeah that's right JB, how many suicide bombings have you done? How many people have you beheaded? How many women have you killed because they dishonored your family? How many children have you abused?

    Comrade Happyguy :)

  4. :rofl:

    I can't help but enjoy your posts JBnTX
  5. How many people have you been nice to? How many people have you helped? How much charity work have you done? How have you been a good christian? :rofl:
  6. As I told you, I will keep raising the issue until you give me an answer. Why do you continually feel the need to assert your virility on an internet forum?
  7. Liar. It appears you edited your original post so you wouldn't get caught. Very mature of you.
  8. So you're sort of known in your circle as the guy that'll throw drinks at people? We call those bi-tches.
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  9. Animal Mother

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    Is JBnTX now the only Christian in the world?
  10. steveksux

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    Fear the rapture will happen on Friday 13?


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  12. Japle

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    Some guys – and by that I mean JB and happyguy specifically – just don’t understand that you win a debate by using logic and reason and facts, not by talking smack. :upeyes:
  13. I've refrained until now to replying to you simply for the fact that I couldn't believe there could be two people this moronic in a small population as this forum... I just cant ignore your ignorance any longer.

    You do realize I was talking about westboro baptist right? Their main agenda is against the gays and protesting the funerals of dead homosexual service members, in case you live under a rock. Where did I mention suicide bombings and beheadings?

    From that perspective JB (you should tag along, you'd fit in) should go ahead and apply for an honorary membership as he assumes that homosexuals (along with atheists) are the root of all evil on earth.

    DON'T even try to play the "but they were soldiers" card and say they deserve our respect unconditionally because they fight for our freedom, when in the next post you call yourself a christian. Should you not side with god's word on the killing of gays, moreso than the respect for a worldly entity such as our military?

    Talk yourself out of that corner.
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  14. Not all Muslims are like that, just as not all Christians are like the atheists here believe.
  15. Come on JB, let me hear what you got to say on my last post... I'm dying to hear it. What is so atrocious about WBB??? I mean, they hate gays, you hate gays...

    Or did you only denounce them because I was using them as an example, without thinking about the hole you were digging for yourself?
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  16. Nope, Christians most definitely are not all like what we believe they are. But you and happyguy sure are. :rofl:

  17. You need to grow up and stop trying to put words in other people's mouths.

    No where have I ever stated that I hate gays, potheads or atheists.

    I disagree with same sex marriage and I think that homosexual sex is a sin and a perversion. And in no way should they be given equal rights.

    I don't wish for anyone to die or go to hell. Atheists have already paved the road to hell for themselves. They don't need my help.

    I have every right in the world to disagree with illegal drug use, atheism and sexual perversion. I think the three are connected and they are the cause of a lot of crime, sin and misery in this world.

    If you condone and tolerate those three sins, good for you.
    But I don't want to be exposed to it in my daily life, on TV or in my children's schools.

    If you want to continue your comparison of me with that church, then please do so.
  18. Now why do I find that so hard to believe?

    So why don't you consider this hateful? They're only human, just like you.

    Sure seems like you think we need your help, when you made that post about dragging us out into the light, for God to see. Like you believed that God wouldn't be able to see us for what we really are, if it wasn't for you helping him out.

    Sure, you can think whatever you want, just don't be surprised when people call you out on it.

    Well, seeing as how you can't control the people around you, not for a like of trying from what I've seen, you're just either going to have to ignore it, or plug your ears and go "LALALALALALA!!!!!" At the top of your voice like you're prone to doing.

    Well, they're christian, they're doing what the bible says, hating on Gays and anybody who doesn't believe with them. So why do you think they're bad people? They're only doing what you should be doing, if you believe your bible. :tongueout:
  19. And so you deny American Citizens equal marriage rights? Because you want to force your morality on others whether they agree with you or not.

    But it isn't. It happens in nature. It's obviously part of God's design.

    What gives you the right to oppress American Citizens? God? Screw God.

    You'd be wrong. Pot causes crime in that it's illegal. It's no worse than drinking a beer yet we make people who partake criminals and waste tax dollars chasing and caging them. Atheists and Homosexuals are only miserable and suffer becuase of religious people. And sin is just something children believe in. "Ooooooooooooo that's that sin." Grow up.

    And you have that right. But that's not what you want. You DO have the power to conduct your home as you see fit. But you want to tell other Americans how they can conduct themselves in THEIR homes. Who they can and CANNOT marry, and what they can and CANNOT watch on TV. You don't believe in freedom at all. And you're one of the most Un-American people on this board.
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