Christ was never in Christmas

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by OctoberRust, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Why do they say he was born on Dec. 25?

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  2. Nope. You just need to do some actual research & read it as if you were an adult.

  3. We do, that's why we keep trying to figure why people aren't following what it says.

    But thanks for the name calling, it's always funny when so-called christians resort to name calling.
  4. Or it could very well mean that he was born in the spring.

    So, according to your bible, jesus was born in the spring, not conceived in spring.
  5. I think religion was good in the early days of the agricultural revolution because it kept people from running off and forming their own tribes of hunter gatherers. If they ran off, God would get them. God would even get them after they died. There was no escape. This was necessary to insure there was enough labor to plant and harvest the corps. This led to civilization. However, its outlived its usefulness.
  6. Then the question becomes Whose religion? :tongueout:

    Yes Christianity came out on top as the dominant religion, but was it really the best?
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  7. Did you see my post above? The bible says he was born in the spring.
  8. Try to THINK about what you quoted.

    Herod the Great's demise as occurring between March 29th and April 4th in 4 B.C.​
    So, christ had to be born, Mary had to recover. They had to present Him at the Temple for circumcision (8 days later). The Magi had to come and visit. Herod had to wait for them to return, only to find out that they hadn't. An indeterminate time later, Herod had to decide to kill all the newborns under 2 years of age, after which Joseph had to pack up & move to Egypt. Then, an indeterminate time later, Herod dies, and Joseph is given the all-clear to return to Judah.

    Tell me again why you think that Christ had to be born in the spring based on this evidence?

    Shepherds were not in the fields during December. According to Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays, Luke's account "suggests that Jesus may have been born in summer or early fall. Since December is cold and rainy in Judea, it is likely the shepherds would have sought shelter for their flocks at night" (p. 309).
    First, weather isn't consistant. Second, even today shepherds oftentimes are in the fields during December, although not as often for safety reasons:

    In Bethlehem, shepherds watching their flocks by night are a dying breed

    Aren't you at least a little embarassed about posting such easily refuted "evidence?"
  9. I'm embarassed for you.
  10. I'm still waiting for you refute to the evidence. And if you didn't bother to realize it, that evidence comes direct from religious people, who I'm sure are way more educated in the bible than you are. So are you trying to say they're wrong and you're right?

    So, who is right? The author of Matthew, who claims that Jesus was born shortly before the death of Herod, which happened around 4 BC, or Luke, who claims Jesus was born during the Roman census, which happened around 6 AD.

    Yet another contradiction of your mighty book.
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    Good, because people like him don't know either embarrassment or shame.

    Comrade Happyguy :)
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  12. Insulting me does nothing to substantiate your position. Care to elaborate?
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    and you're very articulate. You've just convinced many on here that Christmas is a christian holiday. If only everyone on this board could be as bright as you, and bring facts to the table instead of name calling! :rofl:
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    just read through the whole thread. Looks like the christian trolls are in full force today. :supergrin: Glad to see my thread is making some gears turn in their heads.
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    Did the Magi visit before or after this?
    How long should Herod have had to wait to make this realization, if Joseph, Mary and Jesus were in Jerusalem only 8 days later?
    An event no one else, other than Matthew records. Why would Herod, knowing as he presumably would of the census and the related movements to ancestral homes (as needed to explain why the Holy Family were in Bethlehem in the first place) limit his slaughter to Bethlehem? Wouldn't the King receive word of Simeon's blessing?
    Even assuming a December birth, Herod was dead within months, why would the Holy Family have had to flee to Egypt, instead of just going home from Bethlehem, if that's where the slaughter was ordered?
    How long did they spend in Egypt?
    Are you at least a little embarrassed to be posting such questionable "refutations"?
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    Still don't want to talk about what happened that makes you the way you are?

    You can't run from it forever, you know. And, if you think starting a thread like this doesn't scream problems to normal people, go show it to your relatives or co-workers and ask them.
  17. I am sure I speak for many trolls, Christ is most definitely in MY Christmas. If you want to celebrate Kwanza or bow to some pagan pole (you aren't the firs or last), this is America and you have the right. I also have the right to call you a _____ for doing so. Trolls seem to abound in RI.
  18. Why? People elaborate for you all the time. No one here is gonna have an epiphany and say OMG, YOU are right. I am just not gonna take biblical teaching from an unbeliever.

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