Chris Christie; loud-mouth, confused, self-promoter hopeful

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Skyhook, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. :supergrin:

    Tough one.

    Wanna kill these ads? We can help!
  2. If he runs I might have to write in Obama for a third term nominee!

  3. WHOA!

    Think that one over. :shocked:
  4. Fracball

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    His politics are not aligned with conservatism, but it’s refreshing to see him fight back when something annoys him. NO ONE in the GOP is willing to defend themselves or their constituents in a similar way (that makes a difference).
  5. jakebrake

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    he is not neutral whatsoever. he is anti gun, he is anti cop. his record speaks on it's own.

    he was elected because he wasn't john corzine. forget the r behind the fat mook's name, he's a republican like i'm a neurosurgeon
  6. jakebrake

    jakebrake cracker

    but, i never wanted to punch oliver hardy in the face.

  7. True dat...

  8. G29Reload

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    He is not neutral on guns at all. He is anti gun.

    -Anti gun
    -supports and likes card carrying commie Springsteen
    -too nice to Zero during sandy, helped him win re-election
    -refused to sign on to the lawsuit in front of SCOTUS for healthcare law

    NJ is the highest state in terms of proportion, of people leaving it. Net de-populating. There's a reason for that. Politics and taxation to start, cost of living generally. Gee how did that happen?

    RINO deluxe. If he's the nominee, I am third party.
    Same for Jeb

    I am actually liking Rand Paul an awful lot.
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  9. I see an anti Cristie slogan in all this. No Crisco in 016!
  10. That about sums it up, good post!
  11. Yep! I am surprised he could bend over that far. :dunno:


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