Chris Christie Going Down Fast

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Silas.soule, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Agree. There's a reason why he is a Republican governor in a state like New Jersey.
  4. certifiedfunds

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    Good. Flush the progressives out
  5. Circling the throne bowl and whoosh he's gone,Good Riddance. SJ 40
  6. [​IMG]

    You're gonna have to have a really big one to flush Christie.

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  7. JBnTX

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    I've got a feeling that the "behind the scenes" people on both sides of the political battlefield do not want Christie or Clinton running as president.

    We're going to see a lot of scandals involving the two of them.
    Hopefully both are discredited and don't run in 2016.

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  8. I don't like Christie, but I seriously hope Republicans are learning something from this.

    Naively reaching out to Democrats and to the MSM, as Christie has done over the years, buys you ABSOLUTELY NO FAVOR FROM THEM once they perceive you to be a threat to them.

    Why Republicans don't see this is beyond me. It is so obvious.
  9. It's actually kind of funny. Usually they wait until their favorite Republican gets the nomination before they turn on him. I guess they are going hog wild now as there no longer is really any need for them to try to hide who and what they really are.
  10. It almost seems like the media would want Christie as the R option on the ticket, there's simply no way the guy could win and it'd therefore be a shoe-in for the D candidate (as if Clinton will have any trouble winning :frown:).
  11. Just curious why everyone thinks Hillary is a shoe in for the nomination. The last time she ran, she couldn't even beat a hack unknown senator from Illinois.

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  12. It isn't that. The media regard Christie as the biggest threat to HRC. What they actually want is no opposition to her. The next best thing is for them to destroy him early. The gloves are off. They're not even going through the motions of trying to appear objective anymore.

    Just look at what Obama has gotten away with as far as press coverage has been concerned. The media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

    Not trying to come across as too pessimistic, but it's pretty hard to combat that.
  13. Dear Progressives,

    Continue the Rino purge. We all know how well Reds do purges.



    The Conservatives
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    Never trust a man claiming to be a Republican that can get himself elected as governor of an eastern state...
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    Intentional misquote. I think this alone should cause suspicion and very close examination n
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    Practice shots for the 'media' .... :upeyes:

  17. windage..... two clicks to the left.

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    Too bad...he was the closest person to representing the party in a long time.

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