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Choosing a reel

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Timothy658, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Timothy658


    Mar 24, 2003
    I need some help in choosing a reel for the ugly stik spinning rod I purchased. I am completely new to fishing, so bear with me. I purchased the 6' long medium action model, that handles 6-15 pound line. I was at Wal Mart earlier day, and noticed they had several reels on clearance. I wrote them all down, and here is what they have.

    Daiwa Regal Z2500C was 49.94 now 30.00
    Shimano Spirex 2000FD was 55.96 now 35.00
    Quantum Icon ic20 was 49.96 now 30.00
    Shimano Solstace 2000RG was 49.96 now 19.00
    Abu Garcia Cardinal C602 was 48.88 now 30.00
    Shimano Symetre SY2500FI was 79.93 now 30.00

    They also had a Rapala real that was now on clearance, but thought I would mention it anyway. It was the model with 4 ball bearings and was 37.00. Any recommendations? Any to avoid? Any that would not work for me? If none of these are good, I will just look elsewhere.
  2. Bill D

    Bill D Millennium Member

    Aug 31, 1999
    Acworth, Ga.
    Check out Bass Fishing Home Page-great fishing, boating,etc. forum.
    Search for the Diawa Regal Z spinning reel. It is probably the best bang for the buck in a spinning reel.

  3. All of them are good. Me personally ( off your list ) I would go with the icon since I have one on a rod that 6ft and it cast quite beautiful. Also if you don't mind a rear drag, lookat the shimano sedona. This is a good reel and can be had for 35-45 dollars. But any of the above you listed should be find for the setup you mention.
  4. StockGlock23

    StockGlock23 Hilarious!

    Aug 10, 2004
    Bremen, IN
  5. Timothy658


    Mar 24, 2003
    What does rear drag mean? I keep seeing reference to it, but I dont know anything about it. Is it something I should avoid as a first time fisher?

    Also, how come I am unable to find anything about the Abu Garcia cardinal 602 model on their website?
  6. FD (front drag ) and RD ( rear drag )

    If you look at a typical spining reel, their's 2 major styles in production. The FD is common and the most widely distributed reel type. The drag adjustable knob is right on the front of the line bell/spool. You adjust the drag by turning clockwise or counterclockwise.

    RD model have the knob on the back near by the hands. You can adjustable the drag also. It's mainly personal preference, but imho, the RD models allows for quick spool change out. So for example using a Quantum SX3 of sedona 4000RD (both are rear drag and both I own ). I have ne spool setup for light panfish store in my fishing box and another with a heavier 10lb line for other freshwater fish. This allows me quick line change out to match my conditions and fish. Most FD models don't allow for this as readily as a RD model.

    All the models listed above are great, I just like RD for the example mention above plus the fact that I can easy set the drag for less/more after I hook that prize trophy bass fish , more readily than the FD models.

    hope this explanation helps.

    also, btw, RD models are more expensive not alot but they do cost a few dollars more than the equalivant FD model. Out of all of the models you mention I would get the a the quantum IC and either in a IC30 or 40 and not the I20, just because the line capacity would be greater. The solstace would also be a close 2nd. It is a very smooth reel and personally I think shimano CS is much better than quantum.Also the solstace comes in a RD model.
  7. Timothy658


    Mar 24, 2003
    Thank you very much for that explanation. I understand that now. Unfortunately, they only have the IC20 on clearance, so getting a bigger one is not an option for me.
  8. I'm glad to help. Btw, I picked up the IC30 with a reel-rod combo from my local "The Sports Authority" for $39.99 or maybe $49.99. The rod was so-so and it's a 6ft quantum rod. But for $39 or 49.99 dollars, I can't complain. The only thing with quantum rods, if you let them bounce around in the back of trucks beds or boat bottoms, the line loops insert ( the metal insert ring that the line goes thru ) have a tendencey to come loose.

    So if you have one around you might want to check for them at TSA if you want to get a combo. Like I said before it will be a nice reel and other than the line capacity, it should fit the bill good quite well. Shop around and compare

    FWIW: I use that rod/reel combo when I fish from canoes for panfish species.very light in the hands, quick response from the rod and it works out quite well. It's back up with a Quantum Anapshot on a 2pc ugly stick rod.