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  1. anyone using china made trucks for their business. Isuzu technology daw ang gamit plus the engine? The branded ones are so expensive more than 1 millions pesos ang cheapest base sa requirements namin. Trucks from aution sakit sa ulo pag registration time.

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  2. No I haven't seen one. Japanese, Korean, American, German, British (Bedford), Belgian (MOL), Russian (Kamaz), plus Swedish (Volvo) and Dutch (DAF) (did I miss some?), but no Chinese, yet. Buses, yes, trucks no. But I'm pretty sure they're out there, they're original left-hand drive as China is LHD, besides Chinese-made heavy equipment have been around for some time, and these are powered by foreign engines such as Cummins.

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    Yup, we are using four (4) underground equipment, made in china, for our mining operations. We had them for about seven months now and so far so good. The engine and transmission is german and the other components are US made.
  4. i am into hydraulivc hose fabrication.. mdyo mahirap sa fittigns yung china made. i have a client here loader china, even my bro in law importer na ng fittings, wala kai stock on those kind of fittings, maybe later magkaroon na rin.. :wavey:
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    They even have the communist star on the front. How nice...

  6. What type of fittings do they use? Most common fittings are JIC, SAE and ORB. Try and search Adaptall or Aeroquip fittings.
  7. Yes, they are Isuzu copies. The trucks that China Road brought to the Philippines were copies of Isuzu Elf single and crew cabs. Their dump trucks were derived from Isuzu 10 wheelers with front wheel drives. Careful, though. They might have modified some parts that could make it difficult to interchange with surplus Japanese parts. An example would be the front disc pads of a Mitsubishi Pajero are not the same as the Hyundai Galloper's of the same body style. The Hyundai Galloper is faster than the Intercooler Pajero. The turbocharger, according to my friend who owns one is not restricted.
  8. It was an FO type pero yung sieze nya iba sa normal .. we stock almost all kinds and sizes of hydraulic fittings pero yun HANDS UP talaga no chioce but lifesaver :supergrin:

    ang masama kasi minsan a customer ask or another set for back up, yan ang krimen mag umpisa :crying:
  9. lahat naman ata china cars ay copy , just saw dmax copy pick up naman na hinalo wildtrak design ng ranger

    back to topic, alam ko pag kotse ok lang china light duty use eh paano sa HE kakayanin ba nya?
  10. Havent tried tose china made trucks we use auctioned trucks on our fleets mainly isuzu and mitsubishi brands only. Baka kahit isuzu copy kase the quality of metal used ay hindi maganda better opt for surplus japan trucks instead. Subok na kase ang isuzu dami pa parts imho
  11. Another option is Hyundai trucks. I recently saw a dealership for Hyundai heavy equipment in Quezon Ave. I think that is a better option than Chinese trucks
  12. Right now all our trucks are from either asia auctioneer and malinta auctioneer i was given the go signal to look na for replacements
  13. approved!!!!!

  14. Does the AFP use KIA or Hyundai military trucks?
  15. Kia - and they look really really nice!! I wish there were some surplus for civilian use being offered :)

    It is now the preferred mode of transport due to its size and maintenance. I heard the AFP is slowly phasing out the Humvee.
  16. i used to see those china made trucks as issue vehicle ng SBMA SWAT and forest rangers when i go biking in the uphills of morong. that was last year, ngaun wala na ako makita made in china na truck dito. sumuko na yata sa mga ahon. a few china made bus are still running.:whistling:
  17. I got mine from United Auctioners and it is serving me well. Mind sharing ano yung sakit sa ulo kapag registration time na?

  18. sa subic pa nererehistro sir kailangan pa sadyain sir eh ang mahal ng gastos diesel, tollfee at bayad sa drivers. We have two trucks na ganun but yung iba naman di na sa manila na ka register.

  19. quality wat else..

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