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Chicago/Cook/IL transporting gun and ammo

Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by pm666, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. pm666


    Feb 28, 2009
    When transporting a firearm in a car (through Chicago/Cook County/IL, I know the gun has to be locked and in a case.
    Does the ammo have to be in a case and locked as well?

  2. CrookCounty

    CrookCounty Trolling Noob

    In chicago I believe the handgun must in "Broke Down" condition and the ammo has to be in a separate case. The way I have been transporting is this:

    When I get done at the range I pull the slide off my glock and use the plastic glock case that comes with the gun to store the pistol and mags. That goes into a range bag. In the range bag I have plano ammo boxes that hold my rounds.

    So I would have to get through 2 different cases/bags to get to my pistol plus put the slide on and then open up a ammo case and load my mags. If police do not think this is good enough then I don't know what else they can ask for.

  3. IndianaMatt


    Jul 8, 2008
    If traveling through Chicago with guns, I'd stay on the interstate or main thoroughfares. The law is one thing- what police want to make of it is often another.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2012