Cheapest place to get bulk 357 mag and 38 special?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by DEE50, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Title says it all !:faint:

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  2. I don't know, but I see 357 magnum going for at least $1 a round for 50 round boxes.

  3. .38 special is the only bulk ammo Cabelas has on the shelf these days
  4. FLIPPER 348

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    I go to my workbench in the garage.

    As for your question, the moron hoarders have all the supply, there are no bargins out there. I'd highly suggest investing in reloading gear reloading for these 'easy to reload' calibers instead of hunting around for nonexistent deals on in.

  5. A brand new huge garage and I will do that. :faint:
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    Great advise for the current situation.

    There are no commercial "deals" when panic buying rules the day.
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  7. Are the reloading components even available though? :dunno:
  8. Check cabellas daily !!! I do and have been able to order bulk from them lately. Over the weekend they had the 38 ammo, 600/about $180 which includes ammo cans and 1200 for about $350, with 2 ammo cans. I have 9mm and 40 caliber bulk ammo on backorder, both were ordered in the beginning of January and included free ammo cans. I paid $0.31/round, including shipping, which I consider a very fair price. My expected date is the end of this month, which Is fine because its cold as hell outside and I won't be shooting until it warms up. I still check cabellas daily, just in case I see a decent deal and suggest you do the same. Also gander mountain has been stocking some 38 ammo, online lately as well. Good luck

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    Cheapest place you'll find bulk .357 and .38? The 1970s.

    Once it stopped being a common service round, prices went up on large purchases.

    It's still common, but even before the current insanity it wasn't as cheap as 9mm or .40.
  10. Not now, but that's why you keep alot on hand.

    For the price of 3 boxes of .38 special, you can get 1lb of powder and 1000 SP primers. Primers and powder are essentially the round, everything else can still be found easily. Since there are so many people commercially casting bullets out there, they are still available.
  11. FLIPPER 348

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    Not much but they will become avail well before ammo stocks get back to normal. Spent $300ish on reloading gear and components and your 38 cal weapons will never feel the effects of an ammo shortage ever again.
  12. I'm afraid you are behind the 8 ball now.

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