Cheap Holster Comparison

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by doc540, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. G23

    Fobus Paddle - $20
    Rides 1" lower
    Easier to R&R
    More room to slide rearward


    Glock factory - $10
    Rides 1" higher
    Tighter to your side


    Retention's about the same.
    Not any significant difference, but the Glock factory holster gets the nod.

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  2. Presscheck40

    Presscheck40 Presscheck40

    I'm just not a kydex or plastic holster fan it seemed to eat the finish off a the slide and I'm just not excited about how it wears a smooth spot on the trigger guard. Just my opinion.. I know a glock is a tool not a pretty photo that should be framed but anyway.

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  3. What kind of holster is that in your avatar? I use the Glock sport holster with my new G30sf and older G23 with no signs of wear so far. The Glock does ride higher and closer to the body. Different strokes for different folks.

  4. Presscheck40

    Presscheck40 Presscheck40

    It came with my new 27. Pic was taken before my possession and just from him taking this photo there is a smooth place on the front of the trigger guard on brand new never fired weapon and has only been in this holster one time and that was for the photo.
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  5. Life is too short not to have quality comfortable holsters.

    I really love my Garrett Industries Silent Thunder for my G30.

    Perfect fit & leather lined.

    Adjustable cant and height, gun tension adjustment, too.

    Ordered and received mine in 8 days!

  6. In my 30 years of carry experience, I've found leather to be much tougher on a guns finish than is kydex.

    I still prefer good leather.
  7. Presscheck40

    Presscheck40 Presscheck40

    I do like that holster gonna have the check on one of theses.
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  8. I also carry a high dollar custom 1911 in a custom leather holster.

    Cheap gun + cheap holster = win (especially when they work just fine)
  9. I trash all my paddle holster, specially the Fobus no tension adjustment screw, pulling on the gun gets the holster out too..........I know it's me.
  10. I don't see any way you'll be disappointed.

    Great products.
  11. What did he say :laughabove:

  12. No one said the truth had to be popular. :wavey:
  13. I have both (plus too many others!). Nothing really wrong with the Glock SC, but between the two, I'm more likely to grab the Fobus simply because it is easy to remove when I need to get the gun and holster off in a somewhat public setting.
  14. vmann

    vmann Controller

    i have the fobus sitting in my drawer of worthless holsters....i like the way it fit and how the gun rode in it, but i am sorry, getting the pistol out of the holster was a f..king fight....
  15. BTDT

    I use a desantis leather holster, $45 well spent
  16. The Habit

    The Habit كافر

    The latest iteration of the Fobus paddle (Evolution model) is much better than the original.

    Another inexpensive holster I've had great luck with is the Galco Matrix M7X.

  17. This is the best cheap holster I have found, I-Tac. Leather is my first choice and what I use for CC. Cost under $20.00. I do not like Fobus, waist of money IMO.
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  18. Now, that's a fact....and in somewhat private settings, too, like the crapper.
  19. Ryobi

    Ryobi SummertimeRules

    Of the two, the glock holster is far better. That being the case, you can get by with a fobus.
  20. I used a fobus holster for years. Just switched to a blackhawk sporter serpa holster. Holds alot better to the belt.

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