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  1. Well,

    I was in the mood for something different, and I saw several members pics of their 44's. Well, needless to say, I wanted a big bore wheelgun in a little package. The Nightguards were out of my price range and since I can't carry in my state anyway and this was more "novelty" I figured a used Charter 2000 would fit the bill.

    Seemed alright, seemed tight. Lol.

    Got it to the range and the problems began:
    1. the cylinder wouldn't always lock, sometimes it'd just spin and spin and spin.
    2. after 2-3 rounds I couldn't fire. As in, not just difficult, but impossible to pull the trigger back.
    3. after reproducing the problem 2 other times I figured I shouldn't push my luck, walked the gun back and told the old timer behind the counter what I found.
    4. He started to say "its not a target gun, and ..." - I think he saw my target at this point and realized that I was pretty damm good shot, and I also was explaining to him I made sure to seat the rounds nice and deep.
    4. he played with the trigger a bit, said oh **** while watching the hammer move back and forth and the cylinder not move an inch, and then proclaimed that it was indeed bad.

    He said they'd take care of it, so back to Charter it goes. Hopefully things get straightened out, it was fun. I got probably 20 rds of the Blazer 200GR JHP and man that thing is a little cannon.

    Anyway - anyone have .02 on what could be up? Will there be any issue as the "2000" company doesn't exist anymore - "I think?"



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  3. I recently picked up a CA 44 Bulldog Pug (production 2009) and I'm absolutely pleased with it. I've got roughly 300 rounds or so through mine with no problems. The only adjustment I had to make was to the front sight, as mine printed 4'' low at 10 yards. Now it shoots POA/POI. The action on mine actually smoothed out after the first 100 rounds.

    You're complaint seems pretty common for a CA 2000 era gun. Apparently, the CA 2000 Company had major quailty control problems. If you go to the Charter Arms website ( you can send an E-Mail to Nick Ecker, President and explain your situation. He will respond to your complaint. I corresponded with Nick before and after my purchase and he replied every time. Give him a chance to make it right, as CA has a Lifetime Warranty.

    All this is just my .02 based on my personal experience with the .44 Special Bulldog Pug and Charter Arms management. If you'd like more information, just sent me a PM.

  4. Thanks for the reply. The shop is handling it (I just go the gun and they said they checked it before selling) so I hope I come out with no $$$. If it costs a penny it's going back to them. I got other things to waste my time with. Did get to hold a nighguard yesterd - suckers are huge. Probably go back to a J if this doesnt work.
  5. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    in my experiences and those i know the CA bull dog .44spls are a 50/50 gamble of getting a real sour lemon. ive tried two a few decades ago and they both were crap. in fact of the dozen~ or so that ive fired (mine and friend's) personally only two were "good" with the rest having various problems.

    good luck! id have no problem paying for one if first i got to shoot 200 standard pressure defensive rounds through it first and examine it afterwards. to this date usually one box of ammo revealed problems that were not "break-in" related.
  6. Dang a Charter has been on my list forever. Still on the list cause I always read post such as this and not buy one.
  7. it was great fun while it lasted!
  8. I have been noticing a couple of relevant things, since I have been considering a Charter .44 for a while, and watching comments about them. Both have been said, so I'll just add some corroboration.

    First, Charter 200 had a reputation for quality problems that apparently plagued them throughout their tenure. The current Charter Arms has had much better reports on quality, and has made headway in restoring Charter's reputation as the providers of a good basic piece of machinery -- nothing fancy, not finely detailed, but serviceable and practical.

    Charter has apparently had some notable ups and downs over the last few decades, so cowboywannabee's experience may stem from one of the down periods, or products from one. Things may be better now.

    Second, I have noticed mostly positive feedback -- if any at all -- about the current Charter's customer service, so there is a good bet that they will sort this out and make it right. If they are taking on the chore, it may be good of them to back up Charter 2000 products, as they seem to be a different animal from the Charter 2000 company.

    Certainly seems like Ajon412 knows whereof he speaks, and I am going to hold on to the information he provided for future reference.

    Let us know how your adventure ends, as I am adding it to my assessment of Charter. Thanks.
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  9. got it back. Said they adjusted barrel and cylinder gap. ran 25 rounds off in quick succession into a 2" circle @ 7 yds. good enough for me :)
  10. Good luck with it......:thumbsup:
  11. I always wondered why other companies never offered something similar. The 2 I shot were great.
  12. another 20 rds today and nothing but perfection. No problems at all.
  13. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

    Dying for a customer to come in and shoot one of these so I can ask to give it a whirl. Have a good friend raving about it the other day.
  14. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    i really want a C.A. bulldog .44spl, or any affordable .44spl 5 shot J-K frame sized snubby....C.A. is the only game in town right now. Taurus made a nice .44spl snubby, in fact they made several small frame big bores, .44spl, .45colt, and .41mag.
  15. Love mine!!! A guy at work bet me I couldn't hit the target at 25 yards and he was surprised....

    44 Russians shoot out of it real well if you want a light shooting round to play with.

    I had to file my front sight down to get POA to equal POI at 15 yards.

    Nice gun to carry

    Tony P.
  16. [​IMG]

    I have pictured my Charter 2000 357mag. Pug

    and my Charter Arms 44 Spl. with Compac grips...both of these guns a re sweet as honey ...

    Charters customer service is 2nd to none ..they take pride in there work...
  17. [​IMG]

    44 Special in a 21 OZ , 'D" size frame revolver ...
    This Bulldog is just slightly larger than a J Frame..very slightly
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  18. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    like i said, id be willing to give them a forth try on somebody else's in shoot and examine first, then put my money down.
  19. I've sent three for repair out of the dozen or so I've owned,,,Once I lent out my old vintage Charter undercover to a friend of mine ...he ran about 50 +P down the pipe and the screw backed out of the cylinder latch causing the latch to be lost...being that it was a old gun MKS charged me a low flat rate to repair the gun....
    2nd. one I dropped a hammerless 44 Bulldog and cracked the grip frame...I sent it back for repair and they repaired it free...
    3rd, was my 357 mag, snub that is pictured ....same senerio as the first except I was firing 158gr 357 Mag. down the pipe,,I should have checked the screw after 50 + rounds....
    which these are not big issues I've had similar problems with Smiths ,Rugers and Taurus..but by far the best customer service is always with Charter.
    There frame design was copied by Ruger for there Security Six, Speed Six , Police Six , SP101, GP100 and also copied by Dan Wesson and all companies copied there hammer block safety ..
  20. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    the problems i had were with the thin metal cylinder stop wearing down enough that i could manual rotate the cylinder the opposite way its suppose to turn. this skinny shark fin style piece and those slight cylinder stop grooves have not changed in all the years theyve made the guns.

    the two i had that did this were .44spls.

    the one 3" pathfinder .22lr was a jem of a gun, but the bulldogs were poorly made in my opinion and they got "loose" quickly with standard velocity ammo.

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