Charlotte Police Kill Unarmed Man

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties Issues' started by BORNGEARHEAD, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Interesting...

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  2. Link?

    The kid used to not drink or do drugs...but this was when he was in college. He was a real square.

    But things/people change over the years...

  3. A post from the Cop Talk forum, same thread topic. One of the later posts (sorry, I don't have the post # as reference).
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  4. In all states, Driving while Intox (DWI or "drunk driving") is .08. In many states, there is also a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) which is .04. This is acknowledgment that consuming even some alcohol can affect judgement, coordination, reaction time, etc...

    But in this case, BAL and drunk driving are red herrings and not the issue here. The issue here is his actions as perceived by the three LEOs.

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  5. Bump for the grand jury declining to indict as charged...
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  7. Well, he's indicted now.
  8. I'm betting the DA is not going for best-2-out-of-3 GJ decisions.
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    Don't run to the police.
  10. I'm still betting the DA is afraid to go best-2-out-of-3 GJ decisions!

    Just wait until this legal maneuver is used on you (general "you") or your family or your neighbor. :whistling:
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    :rofl::rofl::rofl: aint that the troof . :rofl:
  12. Bump so you and TBO can tell us how feet taste.

    What a horrible occurrence. Running towards the cops for help, hands out, obviously unarmed, and they kill you. I hope the gunman spends a lot of time in jail.
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  13. You're a trip.

    Let's see if he can pull a conviction out of his ass the first time around without handpicking the jury....
  14. Let me get this straight:

    Not ok for a police officer to defend himself against an unarmed man.

    Ok for a CCW holder (think George Zimmerman) to defend himself against an unarmed man.

    Copy that.

    Stay behind your computers where it's safe and leave the real work to men.
  15. Lol, I'm picturing Zimmermans bloody head and cops behind car doors.

    Accidents happen but don't make like this wasn't a major F up.
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    i applaude the second grand jury . now maybe they hurry this case along . what you think Frank ??:dunno::dunno:

  17. What cops were behind car doors?

    Officers responding to the woman’s breaking-and-entering call discovered Ferrell, who matched the woman’s description of the possible robbery suspect, near the home, police said. As they approached him, Ferrell allegedly charged at the officers, one of whom stunned him with a Taser.
    Ferrell allegedly continued to run toward the officers — and that’s when Kerrick fired his gun, striking Ferrell multiple times, according to police. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    If at first you don't succeed...

    State prosecutors now hope for a different outcome – from a different Mecklenburg grand jury – than what they received Tuesday.

    In a rare and unexpected move, jury members not only declined to indict Kerrick for voluntary manslaughter but asked prosecutors to submit a lesser charge for them to consider. Veteran Charlotte attorneys said they had never encountered a similar situation before.

    My prediction: Kerrick will be a VERY rich man when this is all over.

  18. Again,

    State prosecutors now hope for a different outcome – from a different Mecklenburg grand jury – than what they received Tuesday.

    As long as the coppers get theirs, right?

    Why do you applaud them? Does Officer Kerrick not have the same due process as the rest of United States citizens? He has a right to a fair trial, just like you have.
  19. The Grand Jury is a game played in the DA's court, where the DA has the home court advantage. No judge. No media. No defense. And it still took the DA two tries to get a win.

    Next will be the trial.
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