Charlotte Police Kill Unarmed Man

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  1. Wayyyy more to this story for sure.

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    i was gonna post this but someone already got it . :supergrin:
    10 to `12 times, atleast the officer is charged with manslaughter,
  3. At least he's being charged for what he did, instead of police brushing it off as an accident and letting him go on about his job.
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    exactly , now you got a cop on GT saying the cop was attacked :rofl::rofl::rofl: ofcourse no source to back it up . :rofl::rofl:
  5. I think the situation is clouded.

    Barely any facts have been released.

    More so, what kind of crash victim charges police officers?
  6. One that is concussed or in shock.

    Wil be interesting to see what other information comes out but I am of my best friends was a coach and mentor to the victim...
  7. Bias noted.

    Also awaiting toxicology reports on deceased.
  8. Hind sight is a good thing.
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  9. What are the obvious and overt signs? That others can see while they're being charged at, at 02:30 AM?

    Please discuss.
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    well obviously they have dashcam video , the family and DA have watched it , and supposedly to be released to public but not holding my breathe on that one .
    what is strange is in cop shooting cases charges are never filed so quickly , first they get put on leave then charged later. this case and evidence must be overwelming to charge the idiot officer so quickly .

    he ****ed up and is gonna serve time for it . there is no excuse s being made except LEO getting butthurt when a fellow officer does wrong .

    and yeah im hour from Charlotte so its all on news , and the reactions of others and some police chiefs is he is guilty .
    voluntary manslaughter .
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  11. Based on the articles I've read, what'd he do wrong?

    And if there is other evidence showing he did wrong, let's see it. It's that simple.
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    as cops always say , the truth will come out . and like i said they dont immediately charge cops from the get go . so the dashboard cam must be riveting . either way hes ****ed and deserves what he gets as like anyone

    i bet he is

    i wish i was
    i wish i might
    pray to the stars tonight ( that prison is nice]
  13. The question was what type of crash victim charges police...I answered...
  14. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    Are you posting from a position of experience, or conjecture?
  15. Are you asking what the officer did wrong? Or asking what Ferrell did wrong? Because if you're asking what the officer did wrong, the article explains it, he fired his weapon when he was not allowed to do so, and apparently did so excessively.

    Now, if you're asking what Ferrell did wrong, he shouldn't have advanced on the officers, and should've gone down when the taser was used on him. However, there must've been something wrong going on for him to advance on the officers and not go down when the taser was deployed, presuming it was deployed properly.

    If I had to guess, I'd agree with the person above and guess that he was suffering some sort of trauma related to the crash, if he was the one who wrecked the car. The article says the crash was so bad he had to climb out the back window, so I bet it was a nasty crash and rattled his brains.
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    you cant argue with cops they think they are always right . as already shown they explained why he was charged . right there in article .

    but its like dashcams to cops always grainy . :whistling::tbo::tbo::tbo:

  17. You know for a fact he had concussion and shock?

    Or do you mean the only crash victims who would charge at the police must be concussed/shocked?
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  18. If you had to guess, would you say a person with concussion/shock has absolutely no ability to attack someone, or to cause someone injuries?
  19. gave an example...i've seen people concussed try to run onto football fields with no helmet trying to get back into the game.

    If asked what type of person would do something like that...i'd say someone that was concussed or in shock or off bath salts. Being that he was in an accident...head trauma doesn't seem far fetched...

    Two of the cops were black and one was white.

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