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Chantilly Gun Show Report

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by watsoncb, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. watsoncb

    watsoncb CLM

    Dec 31, 2006
    Falls Church
    Just back from the Chantilly show. I was looking for another Glock visiting Jerry's, Dark Sun Surplus and Guns and Ammo Warehouse. I was expecting to see the Glock only vendor but he did not show up.

    After much searching I did find a Model 39 at Guns and Ammo still in the shipping tubs. Kudo's to Guns and Ammo for giving up the time to check to see if they had one not on display. :thumbsup:

    The best deal at the show was 7.62x39 ammo with 1000 rounds of Golden Tiger (Russian) for $139.00.

    Generally there seemed to be less vendors at this show than you normally see.
  2. My buddy picked-up a brand new M&P40 for $459. Will go back tomorrow to snag something for myself. :thumbsup:

  3. LittleLebowski

    LittleLebowski Urban Achiever!

    Mar 25, 2005
    Northern VA (WY native)
    I was solidly unimpressed. Why do people feel they need to wear cammies to the gun show?
  4. Actually, camo is pretty fashionable lately. I do not wear them much myself but have no problem with others doing so. What about it specifically that bothers you? :headscratch:
  5. If so, then they shouldn't annoy anyone. :)
  6. gunman_23

    gunman_23 GOOGLE IT

    Feb 9, 2006
    Northern Virginia
    Cammo, NRA hats, or blaze orange.

    That I can understand.

    What is it with the Nazi "Memorabilia"?

    What was neat at least is with a lot of those NRA hat it meant new memberships.

    My friend and his Dad met me there. His Dad joined and apparently with joining you got a hat and free admission.

    My friends same dad ended up gettin a S&W 442 for $360!

    I bought 1000 rnds of .223 from Georgia Arms for $240
  7. I must agree. Unfortunately, they have the right to sell it but I am sure it does not sit well with Veterans attending the show.

    Very cool. My buddy received the NRA hat with his new membership. :cool:
  8. watsoncb

    watsoncb CLM

    Dec 31, 2006
    Falls Church
    Interesting to read this discussion. I visited with the WWII vendor that usually has tables to the right of the front door of the show. In chatting with him, I learned that a majority of the stuff is reproductions (AKA fake). He did have some real WWII German Army collar applets and rank insignia.

    I did not see a vendor that sold only Nazi stuff. When you look closely he was selling German Army (not Nazi) and US Army stuff to. There also a vendor selling Japanese military stuff down one of the main aisles.
  9. Watsoncb, it never really crossed my mind whether that stuff was real or fake ... your avatar, however, is another story! :thumbsup:
  10. watsoncb

    watsoncb CLM

    Dec 31, 2006
    Falls Church
    I think it is the best display of our stars and stripes I know of.
  11. :patriot:

    :perfect10: :highfive:
  12. I went Saturday and picked up a NIB Walther P22 for the little ones, took them to the range right after and had a blast. Only complaint with me is that I had so many old men half drunk trying to buy the darn thing before I got out of the door. I don't know about everyone else, but for some reason I was pretty uncomfortable. Sorry if any of you are old drunk guys, no offense intended!! hahaha
  13. That's odd. Why wouldn't they just buy their own at the show? :headscratch:

    Anyhow, I like the feel of the P22 but never shot one. I was thinking of getting one for my boy to shoot but I leaning towards just getting an AA conversion kit for my G19.
  14. Thats what I thought Kony. I was actually hit up before I got in the door, because I had a Glock case with a G23 I was looking to trade and a old guy accosted me asking how much I wanted for it. It just felt wrong and I got to thinking that this guy could be a convicted felon and can't buy one...i dunno, maybe just me being paranoid.

    Oh yeah, the P22 is a sweet little gun, great accuracy up to 15 yards, further than that forget it! I saw one today at Loudoun Guns all tricked out, it was cool looking!
  15. gunman_23

    gunman_23 GOOGLE IT

    Feb 9, 2006
    Northern Virginia
    So true! My friend and his Dad and I went ouside for a smoke break after he purchased his S&W 442. When we came in while it was getting banded some guy hanging out by the door asked to see it and then offered to buy it.
    We told him that it was just bought over at Trader Jerry's 10 minutes ago and to go there.

    On another note, when we came in and the gun was inspected it still had the zip tie through the cylinder from the Trader Jerry. The lady at the door snipped off the old one and put a new one in.

    Makes no sense to me. Maybe it is for insurance or to make sure that the gun didnt have a tampered with or fake zip tie.
    Oh well.
  16. I've heard some of these guys buying handguns in particular, were undercover cops. If so, I'm sure there is some angle they can get you on, if they make a deal. Maybe they're State Police, under the orders of Mayor Bloomburg.

    The old drunk-lookin' guy appears to be a regular at some of these shows. I'd see one in particular a lot (if the same one) at the Bealton shows. I've always thought there was something not quite right about this. He once tried his darndest to buy a Glock from me, then after I'd traded it on another pistol, wanted to buy it.
  17. That's what I believe as well. If you sell it to them, they hit you for dealing in Firearms without a license under the guise that since you recently bought the gun, you were not selling from your collection but instead attempting to be in business of buying and selling guns.
  18. Diokan


    May 1, 2006
    Did anyone else notice the VA State Police hovering around Black Sun? What was that about? While I was there they were reviewing filled in ATF forms from 'potential' customers. Were they doing this to everyone or did B.S. get in trouble?