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  1. Are the new Gen 4 .40 S&W chambers fully supported? I'd like to try some Buffalo Bore brand bullets but they warn not to shoot them in Gocks ....Rich

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  2. You are not going to get a fully supported barrel for a Glock, well at least not one that will function. There is going to be an area at the feed ramp that is not going to have full support, just the way it is. The later .40 glock barrels like in your Gen 4 have more support than the older .40 barrels. If it were me I would shoot them one a time and examine the brass. A small convex portion near the unsupported part of the chamber is normal.

    If you get something that looks like the pic below you do not want to shoot any more.

  3. DannyR

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    No semi-automatic has a 100% fully supported chamber. Having one would render the pistol a single shot, hand fed weapon, as ammo would not feed from a magazine into the chamber. Some barrels have more chamber support than others, but the trade off is sometimes reliability with all ammo.
  4. I, too, have wondered about the safety of using a hot .40 load from vendors such as BB, DT, Underwood (I know about the chrono results folks have seen from DT).

    BB states on their website that Glock OEM barrels are not to be used with their ammo. DT posts results using Glocks, Underwood doesn't say. Are the +p designations from some manufacturers a true indication of pressures that exceed SAAMI specs, or are they a marketing strategy?

    It has been my practice to stay away from .40 "+p" loadings.
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    Underwood tests all their 10mm ammo in stock Glocks.
  6. Yikes. :shocked:

    Is that spent case from a gun that you fired?
  7. I disagree. There are aftermarket that are fully supported and will function fine. It cause cause feeding problems. But it can be done. Most venders now just offer better support. Tig weld the ramp and recut it. U can get fully supported that way.
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    I just watched a vid showing Glock, Lonewolf, and a Storm Lake10 mm barrel and comparing the throat of each. They all covered the round exactly the same. The Glock was about 1/10th of a millimeter wider at the opening. Not a whole lot of difference.
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    Here's one of several pics I found comparing .40 cal barrels. Older (1998) would appear to be less supported:
  10. Nice pics, I'll have to look at my '06 model

    My 19 looks in between the 98 G23 and 09 LWD barrel barrel
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  11. There IS such a thing???
  12. There is No SAMMI specs for a 40 S&W + P ,so it would be a fly by the seat of the pants kind of thing,not something I'm interested in. SJ 40
  13. Much better then they were, equal to LW barrel

    Here's my G23 Gen3 March2012 production

    Way more support then the old 98 & before barrels

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  14. Show me a fully supported aftermarket Glock barrel then. Maybe in a 1911 but not a Glock. You also contradict yourself saying the barrel will "function fine" and then say "can cause feeding problems". Which one is it. Sounds like you are talking out your rear. A gun that does not function reliablly is worthless to me in every application.
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  15. I agree, Glock has changed the chamber to the point that a reliable feed and good safety appear to be accomplished in my later Gen g23. Any more support would be a revolver cylinder. jb
  16. For sure, I had 2 G23's back in 97, I couldn't believe how
    much better the new ones were when I got this new Gen 3.
  17. Here's a 2010 G23C RTF2

  18. Here is the chamber support on my 1995 G24...

  19. If the manufacturer says not to shoot their ammo in Glock barrels, why do you have a question?

    Don't shoot their ammo in a Glock barrel!

  20. I have never had a barrel, in a 1911 that required a chamber that much oversize, to function. Why does Glock?

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