Chad Landry Has Passed Away!

Discussion in 'Okie Memorial Area' started by okie, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. R.I.P. Chad. God's Speed.

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  2. Don't know how I missed this, CJ was one of my favorite GT posters. I loved the picture of him and his son holding their rifles.


  3. Well, waiting for the right words didn't work.

    Damn. Just damn.
  4. Z1232K

    Z1232K Heavy Hauler

    I just stumbled on the news about an hour ago. After reading 11 pages of this thread, there isn't much I can sa that hasn't already been said. Since joining I have had the pleasure of reading many discussions here on GT. Before that GT was just a tool of reference to learn what I wanted to learn, after just a few months, I realized that it's members, people like CJLandry, LoneWolf, Nashvilleglock, Faawrnchbnder, Nestor, NYCDrew, bac1023, Certifiedfunds, MB-G26, Gamergirl.... (the list goes on and on and on), are what make GT the place that it is. One day CJ sent me an invite to the Outpost....kind of suprised me cause I only knew him from reading his posts. After hearing of his passing I can't help but feel a heavy heart.

    GT will not be the same with out you, CJ. RIP Brother.
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  5. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    I am so sad to read this today!

    Chad was always very kind to me.

    His family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

    RIP, Chad!
  6. Glad you got to meet him Okie! Sounds like a good guy.
  7. NH Trucker

    NH Trucker Needs coffee...

    RIP Chad. :sadangel:
  8. RMTactical


    Sad to hear this, condolences and prayers sent!
  9. deadite

    deadite Groovy.

    Total bummer. He was a really great guy. I remember he and I PMing about how we had to get back in shape. Seemed like a good person.

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  10. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

  11. Can't says I new much about the gentleman but , all that I have heard , he will be sorely missed. Prayers sent to all left behind .
  12. Rip Chad. You will be missed.
  13. Z1232K

    Z1232K Heavy Hauler


    I think the "Anbody Eat Paleo?" thread started it. If I recall, he did really well with it.
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  14. Zombie Steve

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    This one always made me laugh like hell...

  15. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    Still crushed by this. To Chad Landry... Il miglior fabbro.

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  16. It is too strange. I should have read CJ's obit about 40 years from now. What happened?

    Rest in peace...
  17. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?


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  18. Sorry to hear this. RIP Chad. I enjoyed his posts and replies. This man was a standup guy and a very decent person. Again, RIP and you will be missed. My thoughts are with him,his friends and his family.
  19. Road Dog

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    Millennium Member

    I'm behind the curve and shocked to read this terrible news. Rest in peace CJ, you will be missed.

  20. mrmedina

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