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Central ohio idpa?

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by 767Grasshopper, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. 767Grasshopper


    Mar 16, 2010
    Hey everyone, I just relocated to the Columbus Ohio area and I am looking for a range that puts on IDPA matches. The only place that I can find is Circleville but that is just over an hour drive for me... Does anyone know any others? It doesn't have to be IDPA, I am just looking for a place to shoot in some kind of a match.

    Any help would be awesome... Thanks
  2. jdw174


    Oct 31, 2012
    West Tennessee
    You might try the IDPA website for a listing of clubs in your area. Or you can Google "IDPA Ohio".

  3. arnettjd10


    Mar 4, 2012
    I shoot in the Circleville IDPA and they are having so many people show up that they are gonna start cutting it off at 80 people. So if u decide to shoot there show up an hour early.

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  4. Bigbluebuckeye


    Mar 19, 2011
    There is a range out in Blue Rock that does USPSA. Further than Circleville, I know, but no cutoff. They also do sniper matches at times. Pretty cool
  5. An hour to C-ville? It sounds like you are on the north side of Columbus, which is where I live.

    Circleville will be your best bet for outdoor competition.

    1st Saturdays are USPSA.
    2nd Saturdays are IDPA
    3rd Saturdays are Steel Challenge
    4th Saturdays are NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup)

    They are hosting the Ohio USPSA State match this year. Plus, they shoot multi-gun a number of times a year.

    I think they are running an USPSA Classifier match this coming Saturday (1st Saturday of the month).

    I'm also a big fan of Rayner's Range. The Rayner family is awesome. You can reshoot the whole match for $5 out there. Plus they have side matches along with every USPSA pistol match (alternate guns each month, check their website for schedule).