CCW with RMR on G19?

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  1. My slide is with Mark now. I think if he charged the OST price, I could not have done the project.

    When I read about RMR carry in a magazine, I though the community would be bigger than it appears to be. It must still be a rather novel thing to do.

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  2. That's what I'm going to do .....(eventually) lol
  3. I must be nuts. I order the RMR slide from Brownells, found an RMR RM07 for $499 and ordered a set of Ameriglo tritium suppressor sights. It was all a bit cheaper than going with OST all of the way. Please stop me before I buy anything else.
  4. Dang, I think your good to go. You going to get an extra barrel?
  5. For some reason I bought a new Storm Lake G19 barrel about a year ago and it has been sitting around doing nothing. I have thought about buying the OST barrel and they are about $200, but I think I better try the Storm Lake before I spend any more.
  6. Going to be sweet!
  7. It was $108 for all of the slide internals excluding the barrel and recoil system. I did not think it would be that much until I started putting the items in the cart. The stiker is the most expensive. I should be ready to go by the begining of next week and will let you know how it goes. In a couple of weeks I should get my G32 back from Mark.
  8. Definately let me know and post up some pics! I thought there were two options for the slide in Brownells (one for stripped, and the other with internals)? Or did the one that included internals also have a barrel that you didn't need? I can't remember. You have me wanting one bad now.
  9. It is stated a little poor at Brownells, but it said it is will accept all glock standard parts. I did not see another option and since the internal cost over $100, I do not think they could sell the slide so equipped for $269.
  10. You are right, I did not see that one. I could have saved $8 by purchasing that one. Be careful it is the same amount if you get the RMR cut one, or the plain slide. Wonder why??

    Go for it.
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  11. I could kick myself for not finding that. It would have been the easier way to go. Watch Lone Wolf will be out of one of the parts and I will have a difficult time finding it.

    They had one in stock for me, they may have more, but $499 is the best price I have seen for an RMR RM07.

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  12. Thanks for the link. Check if LWD is out of stuff. They might have what your looking for.
  13. Z_0


    I know that what I am suggesting violates conventional wisdom, but I am curious so I will ask anyway.

    Has anyone heard of an RMR failing? If so, was the cause of the failure known? Has anyone had the batteries in a LED RMR fail unexpectedly?

    Are backup iron sights really needed for a carry gun with RMR sights? Those tall front sight look like they could get caught on something. Also, it looks to me like the Trijicon RM44, Glock RMR Pistol Mount could not be used with a rear iron sight.
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  14. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    RMR failures do occur, but they are rare and usually an issue involving the battery for the LED RMR (overheated or leaking battery, battery contact dirty or bent, etc.). I never had the RMR fail in my personal experience with electrical tape beneath it for heat insulation. Battery life is quoted as:
    "Up to 2 years of typical use*, up to 5 years in dark storage.

    *When used at 70ºF (21ºC). Extreme temperatures (high or low) will affect lithium battery performance."
    Judging by what others have reported, the RMR red dot grows gradually dimmer if the battery is not replaced after a very long time, rather than failing suddenly. Thus, there is some advanced warning, but it can easily be avoided with a routine battery replacement schedule. I will replace the battery once each year (e.g., on my birthday) and expect to have no problems based on the long-term experience of others I trust.

    Below is an excellent expert opinion at on the value of the co-witnessed BUIS for the RMR.

    Thoughts On The BUIS And The Red Dot Concept by Gabe Suarez

    The BUIS were indispensable to me to speed up training for the RMR, with minimal frustration, as mentioned in the article by Gabe Suarez above. I'll add that tritium vials on the iron sights are extremely helpful to me to quickly find the red dot in low light. I believe the experts at WarriorTalk are coming to the same conclusion about tritium BUIS.

    The front sight snagging is not an issue in my experience drawing from a full kydex holster closed at the muzzle.

    You are correct about the RM44 mount precluding use of a rear iron sight. My preference is to mount the BUIS in the stock locations with the RMR located between them set in a milled slide.
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  15. Z_0


    Very interesting. Thanks!
  16. Check gun broker. I just bought an rm07 for 469 new from a trijicon dealer

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  17. Anyone who has this setup, I'm seriously about to pull the trigger on this...but:

    1. I'd love to see a shooters perspective pic please. I'm not sure why BUIS are needed to aid in finding the dot. Seems to me once you extend the weapon to high ready, it should generally be right there. (assumption is that the RMR is zeroed, and the shooter possesses sound fundamentals).

    2. Are the BUIS's a true co-witness? Some of the pics I have seen of this setup...the rear sight looks like it may be a little short.


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