CCW: One in the chamber or not?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by ArlenGunClub, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. ÇAGArms

    ÇAGArms taxes kill

    I bought a glock for the reliability. When I started carrying I was uneasy about a hot chamber. I carried a full mag with an empty chamber. And as I got more comfortable with my 19 I gradually moved to a hot chamber. Definitely nice because you are always prepared for an empty chamber or a misfire.

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  2. PhotoFeller

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    This subject comes up often because a lot of people are trying to decide which method of carry is right for them.

    People who are new to firearms or CC come here looking for guidance. They hope to get answers based on our experience. I try to respond based upon a lifetime of gun experience with safety as the most important principle. Too many others, in my opinion, answer according to what they have read here and in gun mags such as "an unchambered pistol is nothing more than a club or a hammer". There are lots of cliche statements that show up in every thread like this one because people don't have real-life experience to support their statements.

    Being conservative in evaluating one's proficiency with a Glock isn't being unmanly or 'chicken', its being smart and mature. Advising EVERYONE who asks about C1 vs C3 that carrying a chambered pistol is the ONLY right answer is foolish, unrealistic, careless and could be downright dangerous.

    C1 is fine if you need it and you are truly proficient with your weapon. If you aren't experienced and competent, carry unchambered until you get there. You might even discover along the way that C3 is just fine all the time.

    For those who suggest this topic is worn out and threads like this one should automatically be shut down, be advised that this thread has had almost 5,000 views in the short time its been running. I think its an important subject until people stop asking the question.

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  3. ÇAGArms

    ÇAGArms taxes kill

    Cannot agree more.
  4. How exactly are you contributing to this thread?

    This is GlockTalk and it looks to me - the people here are
    talking and giving much food for thought.

  5. What exactly is your point ?

    Oh, people who aren't aligned with you way of thinking are a waste of time.

    I guess your snarkiness is as well.
  6. That's interesting. I tend to agree with you, particularly since I've never felt the need to even carry a gun (64).

    Changing times and all that. I have a S&W 5 shot I sometimes carry and never worry about an A/D.

    My G-19 is a different story. Although the need for a weapon can come upon us at any time, I tend to agree with you and keep one in the chamber dependent upon my personal assessment of where I will find myself.

    Drugstore in very safe suburb = not chambered

    Anywhere within Cleveland borders = chambered

    Everything is subject to change
  7. Quote:
    Originally Posted by fireforged [​IMG]
    ..i can train myself to quickly put on a seatbelt at the earliest sign of a traffic accident, but that plan doesnt seem prudent.


    Gotta admit, that's a heck of a point.
  8. PhotoFeller

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    I pretty much follow your practice using C3 unless I'm at Walmart late at night or stopping at an interstate highway rest area.

    Many would argue that we should carry one way all the time, and I believe there is merit in that position. I'm still trying to decide what makes the most sense for me.

    Right now I feel most comfortable, from a safety standpoint, with C3 when I carry during routine daily activities. In places where bad things are more likely to happen, shifting gears to C1 is an integral part of my situational awareness discipline; I'm on alert in a dark parking lot and I'm aware a round is chambered.

    I know my approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but for now thats how I do it. I'd rather be armed in C3 than unarmed whenever I am carrying (I don't CC 100% of the time). I feel competent to carry a chambered weapon in the rare instances when I venture into places like public rest parks; a higher level of alertness accompanied by a heightened consciousness that my gun is chambered seems appropriate and safe to me. Let me say again, these are rare instances because my lifestyle doesn't include frequent exposure to high risk situations.

    I am continuously thinking about my CC methods because of the responsibility each of us takes on when we carry a firearm. Carrying only in C3 regardless of my surroundings, in the final analysis, might be the best approach for me.
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  9. Ask for your money back because this instructor obviously is lacking the required knowledge to teach a basic firearms class.
  10. Not quite correct with this one. You should take a look at what happened in Washington, DC after they issued Glocks to their police officers.
  11. So how would that work if a BG managed to get a shot off and it made a solid hit on your support arm or hand before you were able to chamber a round?
  12. One in the pipe, but make sure your comfortable with it.
  13. JAS104

    JAS104 NRA Life Member

    Glad this was asked, there's nothing on this site about it! ;) . Keep your booger picker off the bang button

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  14. This subject comes up from time to time and most always, engenders the same responses. We all have our opinions on this one and are sure that what we believe to be the right way to carry is, indeed, the right way. For example, I would never dream of carrying a defensive arm that is not loaded and in full battery. However, I do understand that there are those who, for whatever reason, just cannot bring themselves to do this. So I submit to you folks the following.

    You are not going to know whether or not you took the right decision to carry without a round in the chamber until the time comes where you actually have to call upon your firearm to defend yourself. And even then, you will only know if whether or not your decision was the correct one for that specific event. Just remember, if you make a mistake you can't rewind and do it again. That only works in the movies.
  15. PhotoFeller

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    Maybe the instructor meant that a student, someone new to CC, shouldn't carry a Glock with a chambered round. Statements taken out of context do tend to get twisted a bit
  16. PhotoFeller

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    Please indulge one question about your example in the above post.

    Does this happen often, in your judgement, or have you known of any actual case(s) where this has happened?

    I ask because decisions about CC for most of us, since we are civilians, should be practical; by that I mean they should be made on the basis of likely scenarios, not abstract possibilities. I know some self defense instructors promote skill development beyond the limits of our likely experiences; such instruction would be better suited for LEOs and military troops who are confronted with different situations than we are. Your example seems to be more appropriate for a professional combatant who works in an environment where they are often the target for an intentional kill shot.

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  17. Finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Skilled shooters have never had an ND/AD, right? If you don't carry with a hot chamber, you're a chickens**t wuss, right?

    If you are not in LE but often find yourself in situations in which murderous BGs are only 21 feet away and intent on breaking your slide-racking hand, are you exercising Situational Awareness?

    My #1 self-preservation tool is Situational Awareness. If you have to point a gun at a BG outside your home, have you not made a long series of questionable decisions regarding your surroundings? I too, lead a staid, boring lifestyle.

    /flame on
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  18. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    Have I not done a wonderful job of staying out of this one! :supergrin:
  19. You mostly had me until your last paragraph. Situational awareness is great, except it's not foolproof. You can do everything right and still end up in a gunfight. You can do everything right in a gunfight and still get killed.

    Imagine you're in a classroom/store/or other building. Some lunatic chains the doors shut in your building and starts killing everyone in sight. How, exactly, does your situational awareness help you here? If you're carrying, you're probably now in a situation where you're going to be forced to engage. It's not because you did anything "utterly stupid and potentially fatal", either. Honestly (and I'm really not trying to flame you), why even carry a gun if you really believe what you wrote?
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  20. If safety is the issue, why not try this. Carry the gun for say 6 months with a snap cap in the chamber.(if anything happens you had planned on racking the slide anyway) The snap cap will let you know if you do something wrong. When you finally become comfortable that your safety habits fit into your daily routine, then swap in a live round.

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