CCW holsters for G19's

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  1. My personal choice in Concealed Carry holster for a Glock 19 would be the Remora Series-10 "RFT" IWB Holster. Easily Concealable, I am a smaller frame individual and I have no problems with printing no matter what my wardrobe consists of that day. The material is very comfortable against the body, even in hot weather. Made in USA.

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  2. CBST for my 19 when I carry it. I usually am carrying my 26.

  3. Gen3 fan

    Gen3 fan Senior Member

    has anyone on GT posted about a Sky cop cross draw leather for glock 19 gen3
    I just bought it from my brother gen4 fan I love the holster can carry on the strong sidetoo I love it very comfy and I had it on all day long at home leme know
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  4. jb0009

    jb0009 Glock On

    The best I've used so far is the Comp-Tac Infidel. Fits my G19 and G26, and isn't overly bulky. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but it was well worth the $50 or so I paid for it and I've had no reason to keep looking since I got it a couple years ago.
  5. Good question. Try to find a CCW holder with just one holster. Many have a half dozen or so. I borrowed or tested a bunch:
    OWB blade tech
    IWB I am using the N82 Pro.

    The Dale Fricke archangel is nice if you want to try appendix carry.

    My suggestion is to try one of the Crossbreed type as well

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  6. A Kramer IWB and for belt carry a Don Hume "JIT"
  7. VM II

    Galco Triton

  8. [​IMG]

    Comp-tec infidel
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  9. +1 On The Blade -Tech
  10. Raven Concealment Phantom. I've got the OWB model hooked up now, but also have the soft loops for IWB carry. I prefer to carry between appendix and 3:00 normally.

    Here is a great video showing that an open top holster has enough retention to get you through the typical day and a bit more. As a side note, your testosterone will go up 50 points just from watching it. Enjoy.

    [ame=""]Raven Concealment Phantom Holster Test - YouTube[/ame]
  11. That Raven video is awesome :thumbsup:

    I wanted a Raven but didn't want to wait so I went with a X-Concealment Generation2 "C" Series holster for my Gen 4 19. It has great retention and works excellent with my Wilderness Original Instructor Belt.

    I recieved the holster just a few days after placing the order. I also use the double mag pouch from X.

  12. Theis holster. As said countless times around this board and others- great service, fast shipping, great price.

    I can wear the holster all day (with a quality belt) and it doesn't bother me a bit.
  13. White Hat Holsters makes a really nice and economical IWB similar to CompTac and CrossBreed. The options list is very impressive for the price. The combat cut is better for immediate grip on draw but it also allows the texture of my Gen4 glocks to give my skin an excessive exfolliating session that can be irritating unless a t-shirt is tucked in (easy in cooler weather with an over shirt- not so easy in hot and humid weather)
  14. Brigade M-11 for my G-19/4
  15. I alternate between my Galco Triton, posted above, and a cut-down Kholster, which is another one of the supertuck-style holsters. I ordered a Remora last week for it too, since when I don't feel like carrying (but I know I should), I take my Taurus 709 along in one and quite like the holster.
  16. CompTac CTAC it!

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  17. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    OWB (which I carry 99% of the time) -- High Noon Slideguard or Sidearmor Modular OWB. Usually its the High Noon, I just pull out the Sidearmor when camping or when the weather calls for heavy rain, and I don't want my leather to get wet (also have a Wilderness belt for this purpose).

    IWB... Comp-Tac MTac.
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  18. Whitehat Holsters MaxTuck. I can order it and go pick it up because they're local. They do image screening and parts replacement. I've ordered a 101 Kydex OWB that's basically similar to a Raven but only have to wait a maximum of 14 days.



    I went with my own leather backing on these because I didn't like how thin the original leather was. Now these are great.
  19. Comp-Tac MTAC.
  20. You must have greatest brother ever. You're a lucky guy.

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