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CCW for Life?

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by MADISON, Apr 11, 2007.


    MADISON Millennium Member

    Apr 6, 1999
    Roanoke, Virginia
    What happened to Virginian's Life Time Concealed Carry Permits.
    Why didn't those we elect supply the funding for the State Police to check each of us out?
  2. I guess it wasn't a priority for them.

    Or should I say, we didn't make it a priority for them.

  3. stooxie

    stooxie NRA Life Member

    Apr 10, 2005
    Northern Virginia
    I thought I read somewhere that it croaked because it of funding issues, i.e. they couldn't figure out who was going to cough up money to staff some newly created positions that this would somehow create.

    I also thought I read that next year will be another opportunity to pick this up.

  4. pjva04

    pjva04 Snub Lover

    Well, in the meantime they get their $50 from me again this I was hoping this year would be the last time I would have to pay for a permit:sad: