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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by DEE50, Dec 25, 2012.

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    For summer, Hawaiian shirts are the key to easy concealment - they are big and loose, always untucked and, the big thing, the prints on them act as camo, distracting the eye, so that even if your gun is printing through it nobody will see it. I usually wear shorts and a T-shirt with an open Hawiian or similar shirt over the gun.

    For winter? If your normal clothes won't work, you're doing something wrong.

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  2. I live in SW Florida where the summers are 8 months long. During these times I prefer to where cargo shorts and a snug fitting t-shirt or tank top. The only things that work for me is pocket carry with a LCR, Remora or belly band IWB at 2 o'clock carrying of my SR9C or G-19. All work okay.

  3. +1 :rofl:
  4. FireForged

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    underarmor tshirt under a slightly larger t shirt
  5. Your supposed to change your attire to carry? I've never had a problem concealing with my CBST and a proper belt.
  6. Bruce M

    Hmmm this thread seems to have changed locations.



    I would argue that if you cannot wear a loose Hawaiian shirt or similar during the winter, you maye be doing something wrong, unless you are skiing or it is Christmas week...

    A good point. In case you don't like my suggestions :supergrin:

    One concern for me would be that a substantial change in wardrobe might attract attention from friends, business associates etc. from a curiosity standpoint. And I also am a bit leary of some types of clothing that sort of shout "I am carrying a gun." The 6.13 lotsa pocket pants are good but I think they sort of suggest carrying. But maybe thats just me.
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  8. Columbia fishing shirts and Reel Legend shirts, one size up than what you wear. For IWB, buy your pants at least 2 inches larger than normal. Get a belt designed to support a gun. Looper leather, or Beltman are good. Concealed carry is a three part system-clothes, belt and holster. A thin tee shirt and $10.00 belt just won't do.
  9. I'm finding I like to tuck in my shirts. This leaves few options. I've tried a couple of tuck able holsters, all are left wanting in either comfort or printing.
  10. Anyone have any recommendations for a good gun belt?
    Ag leather

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  12. Short Cut

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    Tim, personally the only thing I could tuck somewhat successfully with was a Micro Kahr like a PM9. I've tried larger guns, but it looks like I've grown a tumor.

    fwiw the PM9 also works well for pocket and ankle carry.
  13. Short Cut

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    As for CCW clothes. If your work or situation allows for wearing untucked shirts you are golden. A good belt, holster and loose shirt will allow me to hide several full-size pistols if I wanted to.
  14. Wilderness
  15. AGAF

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    Blackhawk 1700 shirts. Try and find them on sale; I wouldn't pay full retail price for them. I love the way they fit. They breath really well and have some built in spf properties.
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  17. I use Tommy Bahama style button up shirts and they work well summer or winter to cover my Sigs or Glocks.
  18. RPVG

    I'm another Tommy Bahama fan. I've got over a dozen of his shirts.

    The patterns break up the outline of a piece. They're comfortable as hell all year long here in Florida. Plus, they "feel good".
  19. SCmasterblaster

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    THAT looks great!

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