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  1. Stopped into my credit union the other day (don't go there much, most transactions are automated), and noticed "the sign" on the door. I returned to my car, left my gun locked inside, and went back to finish my business. Didn't say anything while I was there because I'm recovering from surgery and didn't feel like having a chat just then.

    I went to their FB page and left a polite comment about my experience, and questioned their reasons for prohibiting legal carry. Their response was that ccw isn't legal in banks in Ohio and they are required by law to post the signs. All I've read says this isn't true, and I regularly carry at PNC branches locally. I replied that I could not find this info in the code, and that is was a corporate decision that could impact their membership. Again, all politely.

    Ohioans, am I wrong? Did I mis-read the code somehow? I am new to ccw this year, and would hate to be regularly breaking the law, or dispensing incorrect information.

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  3. I went to and didn't see where financial institutions were exempt from CCW. What did your CCW course tell you? I'd suggest you go to your governing authority (here it's the state patrol) and review laws regarding your state.

    In my state it's illegal to enter a financial institution with CCW. Your option is to just go thru the drive thru...

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  5. I carry in Chase banks all the time. Banks are private property and it is up to each bank or corporate policy as to whether they are posted. They are not covered by the law like schools and government facilities. I'd switch banks.
  6. ^ This.

    I bank at KeyBank.

    It's corporate policy, not Ohio law.

    And as ronin.45's post implied, if they choose to post, as a law-abiding citizen, Rcsteffen, we're obligated to follow the signage, just as you did.
  7. Another poster backed up my findings. The CU said they would check with their operations dept further. I thanked them for keeping an open dialogue on the subject and told them I understand that change doesn't happen overnight, but that it might never happen if we don't ask questions now and then.

    I've been a member there since 05, but just got my ccw in Jan, so it wasn't really something I noticed before. My business with them is complete in a couple months. I'll wait till then to make any decisions.
  8. i bank with 1rst national bank & they have no sign on the door in my town.
  9. When I go to banks I'm taking $$$$ out, for sure I'm CCW, always carry never tell.
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    What does this mean, specifically in states where signs carry the force of law. I ask, because a lot of people new to concealed carry come to threads like this to understand what they can and cannot do.
  11. New to CCW or not, it is up the the INDIVIDUAL to seek correct information concerning their own state's regulations.
    The Attorney General's office in your own state is the correct place to request this information.
  12. In the state of Florida an individual posted sign don't hold any force of law, IF you are made all they can do is ask you to leave, in a bank of course the account will go with me, always check your state laws.
  13. In OHIO, where this post was OP'ed and is placed into its proper sub-Forum, unfortunately, such signage, if properly posted, do hold the force of law.
  14. Obviously, the OP's CCW instructor dropped the ball along the way.....
  15. ^ ?

    I thought the OP did just fine (and that his Ohio-CHL instructor did just fine, too)....

    Am I missing something?
  16. "In OHIO, where this post was OP'ed and is placed into its proper sub-Forum, unfortunately, such signage, if properly posted, do hold the force of law."

    Read the actual law, not what people have told you. Signs on private businesses do not hold the force of law. The misconception may have arisen from the fact that previously, any place with a liquor license was forbidden to carry in, by law and was posted as such. Many business' signs do quote legal code, this does not mean they have the force of law.
  17. Incorrect. In Ohio, a business that has posted a gun buster sign absolutely carries the force of law. The liquor sign law you're talking about was changed years ago, but a posted business can absolutely have you arrested for trespassing if you so choose to disregard the sign.

    OP, this is where internet experts can lead you astray. Do your own research and check The gentleman above me is wrong and that advice will get you, and ultimately all of us in trouble.
  18. Hold on there. They can ask you to leave. If you comply with their request, there is nothing they or law enforcement can do about the fact that you disregarded the sign. If you refuse, they can call the police and the police will charge you with trespassing. The same as any other person who is asked to leave private property. Concealed carry has nothing to do with it, other than the fact that the property owner asked you to leave because you were carrying. Of course, they can ban you personally from the property. NO, I am not a proponent of "Carry everywhere regardless of the wishes of property owners". I vastly prefer to not go into establishments that have no carry posted. However, if I do need to do business somewhere that is posted, and it is legal for me to carry, I have no qualms about carrying there. You are carrying for self defense. And you better damn well be aware that "gun free" signs are magnets for shooters.
  19. Read Ohio law. OHIO law. Not what someone else things Ohio law is. OHIO law.

    I'm just amazed that you would send someone to a site with a "collection" of laws, I'm literally shaking my head right now.
  20. Complete with citation. Look it up.

  21. This is from the Ohio CCW Laws Manual. If this is what one considers "illegal" than so be it. Leave your gun at home, please.

    "Ohio law provides that a person who knowingly violates a posted
    prohibition of a parking lot or other parking facility is not guilty of
    criminal trespass, but is liable for a civil cause of action for trespass.
    Furthermore, a
    landlord may not prohibit or restrict a tenant with
    a concealed carry license from lawfully carrying or possessing a
    handgun on residential premises."

    Civil. Meaning they can go to court and sue you. It is a case between two parties. Not between you and the government.

    My point is that the private property signs are NOT the same as at a government building, school etc where they WILL arrest you and charge you for carrying. People may print and post the same signs, doesn't mean they will have the same results.

    Here is the actual OHIO law regarding prohibited places. See, I'm funny about looking up actual law from government sources.
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