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  1. O.K., I have been looking and coming up empty. Does anyone produce a true CCO in 9mm ? I want a full 4.25 slide WITH a bushing, not the 4 inch bull barrel like the STI Guardian. Am I looking at custom build only or is there one out there I am missing ?

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  2. Quack

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    nope, not as a standard cataloged item.

  3. That's what I thought .
  4. I'm sure Fusion will make you one. :whistling:
  5. Sure, I could go that route.
  6. Quack

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    do you feel lucky?
  7. What ?:dunno:


    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    NightHawk makes a T3 in 9mm.

    Wade I like you too much to recommend a Fusion.:rofl:
  9. But I could get 1 and a half Fusions for the price of the T3 !!!!:rofl:
  10. Yeah, but to get your Fusion to run right, you will ultimately spend twice the price of the T3. :tongueout:

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    Yes you could. But you would have to buy two plus Fusion's to cannibalize to make one decent gun that might work.:rofl:
  12. That's why they call is FUSION... :whistling: :animlol:
  13. OK, let's be serious for a second, who would the fine folks on here recommend to build what I am looking for. Please keep in mind that this will be down the road. I am still waiting to see what kind of hit I am going totake for my sons hospital bills .
  14. Quack

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    use a Remsport frame/slide and send it to the shop of your choice.
  15. They even have a new mod nobody has heard of.... it's a half moon cut in the feed ramp. Works great.
  16. What about a Nighthawk T3 in 9mm?
  17. faawrenchbndr

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    daYUmn, I hate it when Pepsi shoots out my nose and all over the screen! :rant:

    Good one knedrgr! :rofl: Back after I get this mess cleaned up.
  18. :supergrin: Thank you, I'll be here all week. Please remember to tip your waitresses.
  19. Quack

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    Tip? i'll give her the whole thing :animlol:
  20. :animlol: :rofl:

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