Caturday is upon us. All is well....

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  1. Upgrayedd

    Upgrayedd aka hand banana

    Most definately. She also likes to make me open the back door so she can go outside and stare back into the house.:cool:

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  2. Sounds like she has you well trained. :supergrin: got any more pics?

  3. xring04

    xring04 On the Right.

    Our kids this morning.



  4. Nicko


    Caught him ready to attack!
  5. What nice pictures! that calico is soooo pretty..:cool:

  6. OMG, that kitten is adorable! :thumbsup:

    I love the markings on the orange tabby's face. :wavey:

  7. :rofl::rofl:
  8. Wrangler100

    Wrangler100 NRA Patron Mbr

    The pictures of the orange kitty are when he was a baby at 3 days and 16 days, his name is Mr. Fuzzy. The homely looking Maine Coon is named Puffy Pig.

  9. Hi Kirgi,

    I'm being evaluated next week to decide that. They still might decide to keep me here, that's what I'm hoping will happen. I figure I've come this far over here, I may as well stay. It's been almost 5 months now.

    If I do get shipped back I'll go to a hospital for at least a short stay before going home.

  10. He's just tooooo cute.

    And that Maine Coon is NOT homely!!!
  11. G19Tony

    G19Tony Sneet

    Yep. That's Sammy stray cat. He hopped over the fence about 5 years ago and decided to stay. Last year, I adopted a friend for him from the kill shelter. Her name is Colbie. I'll get a pic up shortly.

    Please get better soon. :wavey:
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  12. G19Tony

    G19Tony Sneet


  13. I'm working on the get better part. Thank you.

    What a handsome girl! She looks like she knows the good life. :thumbsup:

    Good on you for getting a kitty from the shelter. That's where I got this critter 12 years ago...

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  14. G19Tony

    G19Tony Sneet

    Thank you. I think she knows she was saved from.. well... death. She is always nearby and can't get close enough to me when I go to sleep. She is a good companion for Sammy. Keeps him on his toes. :supergrin:

    Your critter looks like he rules the roost.
  15. You could be describing my kitty there, she thinks I'm her personal pillow.

    Here's another rescue kitty I have. She's even more spoiled, if that's possible.



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