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  1. any tips for hunting stray cats? Im using an benjamin sheridan pump airgun. Whats is the best time to hunt them?

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  2. I think cat hunting is illegal. Anyway, the best time to hunt would be late afternoon when they would be awake and prowling and there is still light to see by. If you're using a .22 caliber airgun, don't aim for the head. In all probability, the pellet will not penetrate. Aim for the area immediately to the rear of the shoulder (sa likod ng paypay) where the heart should be. They would still be able to run about 5 to 10 meters with a shot to the heart but no more.

  3. did not know that hunting cats is illegal must be under the cruelty to animal act. Good thing wala pang tinatamaan.

    Father nag ma mass ka pa ba sa Divine Mercy Mandaluyong?


    father, 22lr subsonics sa ulo ng pusa kaya?
    i also have a cat problem
  5. I er I mean I know someone who uses sub sonic .22lr on a suppressed pistol - tom cats are the hardest to kill. If you want instant kill go for chest or upper body if you want it to die somewhere else then shoot it at its hind area (pwet) so that it can run off.

    Father is right there is a law on cruelty to animals that is against this practice.

    But it is sure fun :) - You can also use a suppressed 10/22 and turn your area into a safari style hunt.

    Another thing please be aware of thing behind the cat .22 are still real ammo.
  6. Instead of shooting them, why not try to poison them instead..Cats love fish..I'm just giving you an idea :) and I do own cats..
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    Hi, Pot :)

    I think it is not about "cruelty to animals".
    It is about where you are discharging a firearm.
    Yes, most airguns are considered firearms --don't ask me why.
    (You really don't want to get me started on the stupid laws we have)

    If it isn't in the context of self defense (within your property), or
    in the context of sport shooting (at the range), then your last
    refuge is a hunting permit, whch really can't cover an urban safari,

  8. Anti-freeze means a long and painful death to any creature that drinks it, including your pet dogs. I would recommend using traps instead, the more humane cage-type trap. It will allow you to separate stray cats from pets.

  9. Better be careful Anti freeze is highly poisonous but sweet (I think because of glyco something) so it can be attractive to kids too.

    With handling poison please don't forget about your pets too. They might get to your bait/poison
  10. will try to look for the trap that WTFjack posted and will turn over the cats to PAWS na lang.

    Saw a lot of murder cases on TV using anti-freeze they mix it with fruit juice or cereals even congee. Esp. if the victim is insured for large amount hehehe.

    I also a have a marlin .22lr rifle but i find too loud to discharge even using a subsonic ammo. I might get DA again if i use the .22lr that's why i tried the airgun.
  11. thanks horge no need to start with the stupid gun laws:supergrin:
  12. Here in Canada, airguns have to reach a certain velocity in order for it to be classified as a different class of firearm. A permit is needed:

  13. i like cats, in fact im taking care of a kitten right now... thats cos i have a rat problem!


    anong sinisira ng pusa? ang daga kasi maraming sinisira, electrical wiring etc.
  14. No pusa policy kasi kami dito sa lugar namin marami hikain (wink)
  15. oo nga kakaiba nga ang balahibo ng pusa... hindi yung balahibong pusa ha hehehehehe
  16. i have always thought that killing cat can give you bad luck.. hehehhehheh

    well. at least some old folks told me when i was just a kid.

  17. cruelty to animals yan bro, i do suggest to report it to city dog pound. they also catch cat and other stray animals such as snakes, etc.
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  19. I still celebrate mass at the Divine Mercy every Sunday 7:30 PM.

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