Caspian Slide/Scheumman(whatever the spelling is)

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by 9MX, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. whattt! ulit uli........... WHATAWAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P

    the same mags that i bought from pbd when you were in the US of the A?

    OMG !;g

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  2. Taragis na presyo yan !!!! ;P ;P ;P ;P

  3. i used to use barsto barrels exclusively since its very accurate and is the standard for barrels.

    When i bought my svi it had a scheuman barrel installed, i thought what the heck and shot it as it is. surprise surprise same accuracy. 8,9 ring of a rifle target at 50 meters.

    as for the difference in sps and sti, i think the sps cannot be sold in the usa since it had copied the stisvi product. dont know about the quality or durability though. further, they are pricing it the same as sti svi in the philippines. its a no brainer on which to buy. tried and tested or you get my point
  4. Saruman

    Saruman I carry a GLOCK

    sino yan??!!!;e ;e
  5. Saruman

    Saruman I carry a GLOCK

    doc, yung 85k kay dogman ba yon?? hehehehe

    sino ang nakakuha ng sps na adik??:) :)
  6. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Kilala mo 'yan. Hindi nya nakuha CZ IPSC Standard mo kaya ayon SPS Standard na lang binili. ;f
  7. yep, SPS ni dogman! Hindi halos nagamit.

    yung bumili ng SPS isa na ring semi-taksil sa BoG!

    i read in the BE forums that a European (French) shooter who uses an SVI changed the grips to an SPS bec. it was less expensive.
  8. at favorite niya ang bakal...gets mo na? gets mo na? ahhhhhhhhhhh
  9. raining cats and dogs since 3am and the metro's flooded! here's a pic of the flooded street outside our house. kawawa naman mayari ng mga cars parked outside!

  10. Sir kotse ba yun? kmsta yung bahay nyo? ;P
  11. Armscor barrels and slides by themselves are decent. Properly fitted, they can also deliver exceptional performance. However, if your round count is high or you're a top shooter shooting over 300 rounds a day, mag invest ka na dun sa medyo mahal pero magandang quality para alam mo na tatagal talaga baril mo. Besides, if you can afford to shoot that much, I think you can very well afford to buy top quality. ;)

    Sus diosmiyo! Akala ko mahal na yung 1.3k ko na mecgar mags pang 1911.
  12. doc, 'di ko alam mey ilog pala dyan malapit sa bahay nyo? ;f
  13. yep. We live in Talayan Village. Notorious for flooding bec. of the creek along Araneta Ave. and Dario River in SFDM. Lampas tao na nga. If you notice at the far end, the water's almost at the top of the fence. The submerged car is an old model Audi! Our street slopes up so the water has not reached us yet. Sa labas pa lang ng gate.
  14. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Doc, dapat bumili ka na ng jetski.;f
  15. casmot

    casmot Re membered

    Siguro dapat na maglagay na mga sandbag sa may gate ninyo para hindi pumasok ang tubig. Just like in the movies when they have to reinforce a dike. ;f ;e
  16. Saruman

    Saruman I carry a GLOCK

    nakausap ko na at di nakatiis.. umamin din.. hehehehe.. sabi ko ngayon pwede na kami swap.. kaso ako naman daw ang magdagdag.. sige na nga.. call!! 10k!!!;f ;f ;f
  17. Saruman

    Saruman I carry a GLOCK

    ganda pa ba yon doc?? pwede rin kaya hulugan?? hehehehe.. swap kaya kami ng IPSC STD?? heheheh:) :)
  18. CALL!!! ;f

    ;2 i am guilty as charged! ;U

    anong magagawa ko.... ako'y tao lamang... mahina.... madaling bumigay! :drool:

    ;J ;J ;J ;J ;J
  19. uy, uy, uy...bago'ng toy, pa testing naman. Ano yan dre, katas ng reloading jobs? ;f;f
  20. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    We want pics. We want pics. We want pics. ;f

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